Community Development


Our Commitment to Elevating Communities

Malakoff has a long tradition of giving back to and elevating communities. We believe in positively impacting the communities that surround us to bring about a hope and a future for the generations to come. Our community-based CR efforts range from cash donations to the adoption of schools, the preservation of the environment to the development of communities. In recognition of our efforts over the years, we have been the recipient of many accolades, awards and letters of appreciation. 

A Renewed Focus on Education

We strongly believe in backing educational efforts and in in 2015 we rolled out several programmes that revolved around schools in the vicinity of our plants in Segari, Prai and Pontian. Our efforts included providing financial assistance to schoolchildren and university students as well as supporting them via tuition, revision and motivational classes.

The year saw us continuing cultivate positive values amongst the students in our adopted schools. Our Malakoff Edufund programme involves schools in the vicinity of our plants in Segari, Prai, Pontian and Port Dickson. Malakoff has adopted a total of twelve schools, i.e. 3 schools in Lumut, Perak, 3 in Prai, Penang, 5 in Tanjung Bin, Johor, and one in Port Dickson. A total of RM103,820 were distributed to these schools in aid of their school programmes and refurbishment to create a more comfortable environment for them to study.
The schools utilized the fund to organize various programmes such as organizing gotong-royong to spruce up each school’s vicinity, organizing motivational workshops, conducting tuition classes for 341 UPSR-bound students, leadership programmes for the schools’ prefects, purchase of books for the library, cash incentives for UPSR high achievers, educational school trip for the students, refurbishment of computer labs to facilitate the children’s learning, and doa selamat in conjunction with UPSR. 


Helping Enrich Communities

Our community efforts often extend beyond schools to organising religious activities and providing financial and medical assistance to the needy, among other things. The Ceramah Perdana Malakoff event which we organised in Segari and Pontian garnered a good response from the local community. Featuring renowned and well-informed speakers, the talks helped us to meet our objective of drawing the community closer through religious programmes.

In support of the community in Kawasan 1 Mukim Serkat, Pontian, Malakoff funded the construction of a RM2.6 million mosque for the community. The new mosque named Masjid Al-Amin Kampung Sungai Dinar completed in 2015, provides better facilities for the village folks to pray and carry out religious classes and activities in a more comfortable environment.

Malakoff also formed a wakalah zakat committee to help evaluate and make recommendations to distribute the zakat or tithes to deserving recipients based on specific asnaf or categories of people, particularly in the communities where we operate. A total of 629 individuals and 42 religious institutions were chosen by the Wakalah Zakat Committee to receive the money. The money was used to provide financial assistance to university entrants and the poor, organize religious programmes such as religious classes, weekly yasin recitations and Aidilfitri and Aidiladha celebrations, give contribution to religious schools, suraus and mosques for purchase of amenities and its upkeep, and donate to the construction of suraus and mosques. Thus far, RM769,500 has been handed out for this purpose. 

Malakoff together with JKKK Kawasan 1 Mukim Serkat also embarked on a year-long programme with the local community. A total of 5 meetings was attended by representatives from Malakoff and the JKKK to discuss on matters concerning the welfare of the community. RM50,000 was spent to organize community programmes throughout the year with the support from the JKKK. The programmes included 19 fortnightly yasin recitals, 16 religious lectures carried out at local mosque and suraus, 6 gotong-royongs with the villagers, 2 Maulidurrasul celebrations, Hari Raya Aildilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations, telematch, Marhaban, restoring and refurbishing the community’s infrastructures such as the community hall, surau and kindergarten, and performing minor repairs on village roads to improve the liveliness of the community’s surroundings.

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