Environmental Preservation


Committed to Sustainable Initiatives

As a conscientious corporate citizen, we are committed to operating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner that ensures the longevity of our operations and the community around us. In 2015, we demonstrated our commitment to preserving the environment by continuing to roll out several long-term programmes. These included a series of talks entitled the Energy Expert Series which has served to create awareness of the benefits of renewable energy among our stakeholders, mainly policymakers, regulators and the authorities. 

Rehabilitating Marine Biodiversity 

Malakoff has been collaborating with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) and Department of Marine Park Malaysia (JTLM) since 2011 for its marine biodiversity conservation programmes.
Malakoff continued its commitment by collaborating with NRE and JTLM for The Malakoff Coral Planting and Reef Clean-Up Project 2015 held from 28 to 30 August 2015 at Pulau Aur, Johor. This programme was aimed at highlighting the importance of coral in the marine ecosystem and to raise awareness and support from the local community on the threats that they are facing. 

During the 3-day event, 20 divers from JTLM and Malakoff participated in the cleaning of ghost nets and coral planting in the coastal waters of Pulau Aur. Total of 20 frames were submerged into the coastal waters where divers planted coral nubbins to conserve the coral in the area. The Pulau Aur community, consisting of fishermen, students, private agencies and tourists also participated in marine awareness programs and were briefed on the importance of corals to the marine ecosystem. 

A special session symbolically called “Merdeka Dive” was carried out on 30th August, where the divers hoisted Jalur Gemilang underwater during a reef clean-up to mark the celebration of Malaysia’s 58 years of independence. 

“Kenali Penyu, Sayangi Penyu”, a turtle awareness programme started since 2011, was held on 20 May 2015 in collaboration with the Fisheries Department. The programme was aimed at promoting awareness among the public on the existing ecological threats to turtles. A turtle outfitted with satellite tracking device, sponsored by Malakoff for the second time, was released to the sea at the Segari Turtle Management Centre (TMC). Our noble initiatives assisted the Fisheries Department to obtain data on the turtles’ behavior, especially their migratory and feeding pattern. By doing this, we were able to further understand their habits and work towards a more effective conservation of the turtles. 100 volunteers from Malakoff, Fisheries Department and Lumut campus of Universiti Kuala Lumpur also actively participated in a gotong royong, cleaning of the turtles’ pools and talk on turtle conservation that were held during the event.

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