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The contents of this 2017 Sustainability Statement is based on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Main Market Listing Requirements and in accordance with Global  Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards: Core Option. This is the first time we are adopting the GRI Standards as a guiding principle in our reporting framework, which allows us with a greater flexibility and transparency to report our materiality. This is a year of transition as we build linkages from G4 to GRI Standards and move towards a clearer defined plan in our sustainability journey.


The Statement reports activities and performance indices limited to Malakoff Corporation Berhad’s power generation in Malaysia for the financial year ended 31 December 2017. We have included disclosures on 28 material topics or issues of interest. Our aspiration is to expand the scope of reporting to all our international operations as well as to include them in our value chain. Hence, implementing sustainable policies and setting targets for our international operations are not within our immediate working scope.

The Annual Report 2017 and Sustainability Statement together provide a transparent account of our financial, operational and sustainability disclosures for the year under review. The following illustration summarises the guiding principles applied in preparing this Sustainability Statement:


We initiated the process of reporting by defining the scope in terms of geographical, operational and organisational boundaries, which in turn help us determine the resources, stakeholder involvement and the material topics which can be reviewed.

This in itself is a critical process as it sets the tone and determines the quality of the overall reporting. Our next important step is the process of stakeholder engagement, which includes the identification, prioritisation, approach and
execution to solicit meaningful feedback and address various stakeholder concerns and expectations. Based on these, we
conduct a material assessment of the top issues of interest or topics, which are then compared with the internal organisationalpriorities. Each of the topics are assessed and rated to determine their significance to the Group as well as to the stakeholders.

Subsequently, we develop the Sustainability Statement and Plan for the Group to review, implement and monitor, where

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