- as of Annual Report 2016

Operational Efficiency 


The Group’s is committed to undertaking energy production efficiency (thermal performance) and this is evident in the formation of a dedicated performance unit/department at each plant and at the headquarters (“HQ”) level. We set efficiency goals at the division level and cascade these down to plants for execution and implementation with the support from HQ. Each plant runs a dedicated thermal performance monitoring programme consisting of performance gap identification, remedy plans and potential risk forecasts. They also undertake close engagement with stakeholders through periodic performance review sessions.

A previous benchmarking exercise against 423 international generators demonstrated that the efficiency of all the Group’s thermal and gas units are comparable to the pacesetters of respective peer groups (some units are superior to pacesetters).

An analysis of the thermal efficiency of our plants is spelt out in the MD&A.



Security of Supply

We have the responsibility to ensure a safe, secure and reliable supply to the national grid. The plants are governed by the PPAs that specify a high level of plant availability and reliability as required by the grid operator.

Security of supply to the national grid is related directly to the capacity available at a given period and the reliability of plants, which are operating within the said period. The outage plan is reviewed together with the Grid System Operator on a regular basis to ensure our plants are available to support the grid system at the required time, as stipulated in the PPA, without compromising the integrity of the plants. We also perform various maintenance plans including preventative maintenance and condition-based maintenance to ensure high plant reliability.

Aside from the above, all the plants are classified as national security zones (“Sasaran Penting”) by the relevant government agency, Jabatan Sasaran Penting Negara. As a result, the security of the plants continues to be regularly reviewed and inspected for adequacy and effectiveness.
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