Scope and Methodology

Scope and Methodology
- as of Annual Report 2016


This inaugural Sustainability Statement underpins Malakoff’s commitment to undertaking business in a responsible and sustainable manner through our good Economic, Environmental and Societal or EES performance. It covers the reporting period 1 January to 31 December 2016 and the Group’s key sustainability activities in Malaysia only. We focus on the business sustainability activities of specific components of Malakoff, namely the power generation business in Malaysia. This Statement excludes the sustainability activities of our business activities outside of Malaysia, unless otherwise stated. We consider the entire supply chain for materiality assessment but only Malakoff’s activities for quantitative and qualitative disclosure.

This Statement is to be read in conjunction with the rest of Malakoff’s 2016 Annual Report, which highlights other financial and non-financial aspects of our business. To avoid content overlap, certain parts of this Statement may refer to existing content within other sections of this Annual Report. For further clarification or any feedback on this Statement, kindly contact Head, Investor Relations.

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