Stakeholder Engagement Activities

 - as of Annual Report 2016                          


As the Group’s businesses and markets evolve, we find ourselves engaging with a growing number of diverse stakeholder groups. Proactive stakeholder engagement is a fundamental component of Malakoff’s sustainability strategy and we are committed to undertaking continuous activities in this area. Through proactive engagement with our many stakeholders, we are able to respond to their different expectations, meet their changing needs and strengthen our ties with them.

For the purposes of understanding what is important or material to our various internal and external stakeholders, we undertook a stakeholder survey (i.e. limited to key stakeholders of Malakoff) to determine the sustainability issues most material for disclosure in this Statement. The stakeholder survey was conducted across different platforms, which included workshops, face-to-face interviews and survey forms. Participants of the survey were required to consider and prioritise sustainability matters relevant and important to them in their relationship with Malakoff.

Aside from the rollout of 2016’s stakeholder survey, the Group continues to undertake stakeholder engagement activities on a regular basis. The table below summarises the key stakeholder engagement activities that are currently being practised by the Group.

stakeholders table


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