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Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (AFES)

Established in 2013, Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (AFES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. (AFSB). One of the leading players in the country’s solid waste management industry, AFSB is a member of Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff).

Offering total environmental solutions, AFES has been delivering quality services to various corporations, government agencies, and institutions, throughout the years.

AFES specialises in providing comprehensive environmental solutions to enrich quality of life, focusing on value creation on sustainable development between human activities and the natural environment. It strives to provide the highest quality of environmental services with sustainable impact where its customers’ satisfaction, is the utmost priority.

For more information on Alam Flora Environmental Solutions, please visit AFES.

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