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7 Teams Competed to be Futsal Champion

5 May 2017

On 6 May 2017, Malakoff organized a friendly futsal tournament at Ferro Futsal, Subang for the fifth year running with participating teams from Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air (KeTTHA), the Energy Commission (EC), Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and Malakoff.

Players and supporters gathered as early as 8.00am to get ready for the game. This friendly round-robin saw the participation of 56 players comprising of four Men and three Women teams with each team fielding eight players.

The games kicked off at 9 am and players geared-up to battle in scoring goals and collect points from each game. The team with the highest point will be named champion for their respective categories.

In the Men’s category, Malakoff and KeTTHA were equally strong and very close in points from each match. After 3 matches, Malakoff was named the champion for Men’s category, followed by KeTTHA, EPU and EC. In the Women’s category, EPU, who was undefeated in two matches, breezed through the tournament to claim victory, with Malakoff and KeTTHA in second and third places respectively.

Pn. Sadiah bt Shamsuddin from KeTTHA thanked Malakoff for inviting them in this futsal tournament. “My team had a great time playing today and this sports event continues to foster the good working relationship. Don’t forget to invite us again for any sporting events next year!” she added.

Malakoff would like to thank everyone for participating in this friendly futsal tournament. See you again next year!

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