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AFES Launches Centre of Excellence in Pangkor Island, Perak

6 February 2021

On 7 February 2021, Alam Flora Environmental Solutions Sdn Bhd (“AFES”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (“Alam Flora”), launched Malaysia’s first mini incinerator plant namely the Centre of Excellence (“COE”) facility, located on a 0.89-hectare site near Telok Cempedak, in Pangkor Island. The launch was officiated by Housing and Local Government Minister YB Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin, accompanied by Chief Executive Officer of Alam Flora (“CEO”), Dato’ Mohd Zain Hassan and Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of AFES, Encik Nazar Abdul Raof.

Aimed at creating awareness on the incinerator technology and operations, the COE is open to researchers and students to conduct specific studies related to solid waste management and disposable through incineration. It is equipped with a mini-laboratory, training room, and a showroom. Visitors are given a first-hand experience of how an incinerator works.

Upon AFES’ takeover of the project in December 2016, the plant went through massive refurbishment works and is now able to burn a maximum of 20 metric tonnes of solid waste per day. This saves a lot of costs related to the management and disposal of waste including construction waste as the burning of domestic waste can now be done in Pangkor Island itself instead of transporting them to mainland Perak. It also uses Continuous Emission Monitoring System (“CEMS”) that complies with the additional parameters on the new air emission rules to ensure that priority is given to the wellbeing of the environment.

Dato’ Mohd Zain hopes the facility will be a stepping stone to something even bigger in the future.

“We hope to produce a medium-sized waste disposal technology in other areas that also produce solid waste of up to 50 tonnes a day, such as in Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu. By using a technical team from experts such as Dr Muhd Noor Muhd Yunus, President of the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (“MARS”), and trained vendors, AFES can produce new technology that can dispose of 50 tonnes and below of garbage”.

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