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Defending champion claims the title again!

10 June 2012

It was a weekend full of fun and excitement for the Malakoff family, as they gathered for the Annual Malakoff Sports Carnival 2012.

This year, the sports carnival was held in Penang. Staff and their spouses from all three sites and KL headquarters congregated and ‘berkampung’ in Penang to participate in the 2-day sports carnival. From the popular football, futsal, netball and badminton, to the skill-intensive bowling and the humble congkak, the participants showed their sporting spirit and were full of energy to fight and win points for their respective teams.

At the end of the two-day tournaments, the team from KL headquarters emerged champion of this year’s sports carnival!

During the sports carnival Grand Dinner, Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff, En Zainal Abidin Jalil in his speech, was pleased to see that sports united staff from all levels in the company. He added that sporting events such as this is an ideal way to bring the Malakoff family closer and encourage a strong spirit of sportsmanship.

The Grand Dinner also honoured staff who have reached 10 and 15 years’ of service and above. Seated nearest to the stage, one by one were called on stage to receive a plaque and cheque from En Zainal as a symbol of appreciation for their loyalty to the company. Children of staff, who achieved excellent results in UPSR, PMR and SPM were also called on stage together with their parents to receive RM500 cash reward each as a token for their hard work. Pride could be seen from the faces of their parents who accompanied their children on stage to receive the awards.

The theme for this year’s Grand Dinner was Hip Hop and the attendees were dressed to the nines according to the given theme. The ladies and men dazzled in their Hip Hop attire, and the kids ran around in the hall, looking cute and adorable. Top 5 winners for four best dressed categories – boys, girls, women, and men - were given prizes for their effort.

The audience was also glued to the seats for the 20 lucky draw items which saw the grand prize comprising of RM1500 worth of gift vouchers!

Once again, appreciation and congratulations to all parties who made this event possible.

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