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Fire Victims Received Aid from Malakoff

4 June 2018

Malakoff Corporation Berhad, through its wholly-owned Tanjung Bin Power Plant, came to the aid of fire victims at Kampung Tenggayun, Pontian recently. A fire that occurred at around 4pm on 14 May 2018 razed a house, leaving six homeless. Kampung Tenggayun is located near the vicinity of the plant.

Staff from the plant sympathised with the victims’ fate and visited them at their temporary abode, led by Mohd Kopli Yunus, Head of Production at Tanjung Bin Power Plant. From the Fire and Rescue Department’s initial investigation, the fire was believed to have started by a short circuit from the electrical wiring of the house. Fortunately, the victims, ages ranging from 9 to 50, were not in the house at that time.

To ease the victims’ burden, especially in the holy month of Ramadhan, Tanjung Bin Power Plant organised an ad hoc collection of clothes and food items amongst its staff and handed the same to the victims during the visit, together with a cash contribution of RM1,400.

Mohd Kopli said it is a common practice for Malakoff to offer assistance within the local community especially when there is an incident such as this.

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