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Malakoff Assists Financial Burden for Adik Rayyan

6 September 2023

On 6 September 2023, Malakoff Corporate Berhad (“Malakoff”) donated RM10,000 from its Corporate 'Wakalah Zakat' Fund to support a 12-year-old victim of a motor vehicle accident, Adik Muhammad Rayyan Fitri bin Abd Rahman at his residence in Kampung Sungai Chengkeh, Mukim Serkat, Johor. The Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs Encik Md Yuha bin Ismail from Malakoff's Group Communications and Branding took the lead in the donation effort that was primarily focused on securing an electric wheelchair for Adik Rayyan and addressing his current needs. The handover was also attended by the Village Head of Sungai Chengkeh, Encik Abd Samir Bin Mahadi.

On 19 November 2022, Adik Rayyan, a Year 6 student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Boh, was involved in a serious traffic incident while accompanying his father en route to Malakoff's Tanjung Bin Power Plant (“TBPP”). A collision with another vehicle occurred abruptly, leaving all passengers in a state of profound shock.

Adik Rayyan was then admitted to Surgical Ward at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru, from 19 November 2022 to 5 January 2023 where he had to undergo various types of treatments. Due to the complications of his condition, Adik Rayyan was diagnosed to be paralysed from the waist down where he was advised to go through a post-surgical rehabilitation programme to have his progress and condition monitored periodically.

As we aspire to be a respectable corporate citizen that aims to prioritise the needs of the community, we truly hope that the contribution was able to ease at least a little bit of the burden that Adik Rayyan and his family had to shoulder since the day of the accident. This contribution was not only to provide financial support, but to also ensure that Adik Rayyan and his family would be able to carry on with their lives despite the unfathomable misfortune that befell them.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for their well-being and strength as they navigate through this challenging time, with hope for brighter days ahead.

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