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Malakoff Continues Preservation Efforts in Pulau Mentinggi’s Marine Paradise

14 June 2014

Giant Clams Restoration Project provides diversity in island’s marine ecosystem

Malakoff Corporation Berhad continued to prove its commitment to the environment by supporting the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) in its efforts to care for the marine ecosystem.

In 2013, Malakoff contributed to a fund set up by NRE to organize and implement environmental rehabilitation programmes all over Malaysia. Pulau Mentinggi in Johor was selected as the most suitable location to rehabilitate giant clams, or its scientific name Tridacna Gigas. The project called Giant Clam Restoration Project, was aimed to highlight on the importance of giant clams in the ecosystem and to raise awareness and support from the general public on the threats that they are facing.

The project was launched on June 15, 2014 by Deputy Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Dato’ Sri Dr James Dawos Mamit at Pulau Tinggi and Malakoff was invited to witness the launch as one of the contributors to the fund.

Speaking at the launch, Dato’ Sri Dr James stressed on the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem.

“A healthy marine ecosystem will encourage more fishes and food sourced from the sea to flourish. Thus, maintaining an ideal food chain for the consumption of mankind. However, global warming causes unpredictable weather which subsequently disrupts their natural process and will affect all of us in the long run.”

“The rehabilitation of giant clams in Pulau Mentinggi is seen as a perfect choice as the clams are one of the most ecologically important organisms in the coral reef. They are also able to provide a more conducive environment for the nubbins, that were planted here a year, to grow.”

Director General of Department of Marine Park Malaysia, Dr Sukarno Wagiman expressed his gratitude to Malakoff for the on-going support that has been given to NRE and Marine Park Malaysia on the rehabilitation and preservation efforts on the marine ecosystem.

As a result of its commitment to the Environment, Malakoff has previously received several regional and national CSR awards on its environment efforts, namely Environment Week Special Appreciation (2013) by NRE, CSR of the Year Award (2013) by MIM, Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards on Green Leadership (2013), Appreciation for Habitat Restoration Initiatives in conjunction with World Ocean Day (2012) by NRE and Prime Minister’s CSR Award in Environment (2010).

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