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Malakoff Continues to Win National Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award

18 November 2015

Second Consecutive Win for Port Dickson Power Plant

18 November 2015, Putrajaya – For the second consecutive year, Port Dickson Power Plant (“PDPP”), owned by Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”), today won the National Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award 2015, from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (“DOSH”), under the Ministry of Human Resources, in a ceremony held at Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya.

Speaking on winning the award, Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff, Dato’ Sri Syed Faisal Albar said, “Malakoff is honoured to receive this excellence award for the second consecutive year. This is definitely a recognition of our health and safety practices at our power plants. Besides operating our power plants according to the industry’s standard, we have ingrained health and safety practices as part of our working culture.”

Mr Lukman Hakim Mohd Ali, Plant Manager of PDPP was grateful that the plant was selected again as the winner this year. “I’m pleased to see that health and safety practices have become a second nature to the staff. Besides applying it at work, they made it a habit to implement them everywhere they go, be it at home or outside the plant.”

At work, the morning meetings start with a briefing on health, safety and environment issues before proceeding to delegating tasks and addressing other arising matters. Staff at PDPP is also allocated an hour twice a week to exercise before the end of the day, an initiative that was started more than ten years ago and is well-received at the plant.

Apart from that, PDPP carries out a yearly health surveillance programme for all staff, which includes physical health examination such as the general blood and fitness tests, and checks on their lungs and hearing abilities.

“The most notable achievement of this programme is that it empowers the staff to be responsible of their own health. It also creates a support group where they encourage each other to lead a healthy lifestyle and help those who intend to stop unhealthy habits such as smoking,” added Lukman.

“At Malakoff, we take health and safety matters very seriously. We hold various health and safety awareness programmes across the company as an effort to continuously emphasize on its importance at the workplace. Consequently, such programmes bring the workforce together as it creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst staff when they are involved in the activities,” concluded Syed Faisal.

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