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Malakoff Contributes its Wakalah Zakat in Conjunction with Aidilfitri

3 May 2021

On 4 May 2021, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) handed over a total of RM74,700 out of its ‘Wakalah Zakat’ fund to the Mukim Serkat and Kg Segari communities. The ceremony was held at Masjid Al-Amin Kg Sg Dinar and Masjid Khairul Jariah respectively, and in compliant with strict Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”).

This yearly initiative is part of Malakoff’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) efforts and aimed at providing financial relief for families and individuals during Hari Raya. Apart from contributions to families and individuals, Malakoff also contributed its ‘Wakalah Zakat’ fund to nine mosques and ‘surau’ adjacent to its power plants in Tanjung Bin and Segari.

In Mukim Serkat, the ceremony was officiated by Tanjung Bin Power Plant Manager, Encik Kopli Bin Yunus and attended by the Village Chief, Encik Zool Shuhaifi Bin Kassim and the Village Head of Kawasan 1 Mukim Serkat, Encik Ab Samir Bin Mahadi. A total of RM59,700 was handed over as part of Malakoff’s contributions to 199 ‘asnaf’ in Kawasan 1 Mukim Serkat. Additionally, Malakoff also contributed RM103,000 to be utilised for upkeeping and religious activities at eight mosques and ‘surau’ in Mukim Serkat.

Encik Kopli Bin Yunus was overwhelmed by the amount of support shown by the community leaders in materialising this initiative.

“It is evident that all of us share a common mission, and that is to ensure the ‘asnaf’ are able to celebrate Aidilfitri with minimal shortage of supplies and religious sanctuaries are well-kept and maintained all throughout the year”.

While in Lumut, a total of RM15,000 was handed over to 50 ‘asnaf’ and RM24,000 to Masjid Khairul Jariah by Lumut Power Plant Manager, Encik Lan Sukaimy Bin Md Yusof.

“Although this is a yearly affair, we can feel the impact from last year’s economy still spilling over to this year and assistance and aid are badly needed for the underprivileged to survive daily. Everyone is doing all they can to ensure they can provide for their children and it is even more heart breaking that some are not even able to buy ‘baju raya’ for their children during the Aidilfitri celebration due to financial constraints”, said Encik Lan Sukaimy.

“We want to give them something to look forward to, hence, we hope with our contribution, we are able to ease their burden even by a little and give meaning to their Aidilfitri celebration again.”

Meanwhile, Encik Zool Shuhaifi is optimistic that such initiatives will not only tighten the relationship between Malakoff and the local communities but can provide a morale boost for the recipients.

“I appreciate the efforts by Malakoff in ensuring that the welfare of the community here is always taken care of. I hope this relationship can continue and blossom even more”.

Malakoff’s CSR activities continue to be a cornerstone of its foundation for sustainable development, as we work closely with the local communities to ensure that their needs and well-being are taken care of.

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