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Malakoff Encourages Al-Quran Recitation Throughout Ramadan

18 April 2024

From 13 to 16 March 2024, Tanjung Bin Power Plant ("TBPP") employees in Johor owned by Malakoff Corporation Berhad ("Malakoff") organised a ‘Tadarus Al-Quran’programme in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims are encouraged to engage in doing good deeds and religious activities. This annual programme managed to entice the involvement of 32 Malakoff staff members, who took part during their break time at TBPP.

The ‘Khatam Al-Quran’ ceremony coincided with Nuzul Quran Day, which falls on the 17th day of Ramadan. Throughout the month of Ramadan, it is highly rewarding to recite the Quran extensively, alternating between different passages from the sacred text of the Quran, which has been recognised as a cherished act of worship encouraged by Muslims. Whereas a ‘Tadarus Al-Quran’ programme usually encompasses both reading and contemplating the Quran, serving as a means for believers to strengthen their spiritual bond with Allah S.W.T. while enhancing their comprehension of the Quran. 

The ceremony was officiated by TBPP’s Plant Manager, Encik Mohammad Amiruddin Kamaluddin and the Section Head of the Chemical and Environment Production Department, Encik Azlan Mohd who was in charged of organising the ‘Tadarus-Al Quran’ programme at TBPP. 

Malakoff hopes to continue organising such events at the TBPP in the future ensuring its continuity every year by acknowledging the positive response and active participation in the current event. This programme fosters the strengthening of bonds among staff and encourage to fully utilise the Holy Quran as a means of self-inspiration. Thus, it serves as a potent and profound connection to Allah, guiding each individual in their daily lives aligning with religious principles.

As a token of appreciation, every participant received an AEON voucher worth of RM50, a mini prayer mat, surah Yasin and goodies. The event was a huge success and we hope that programmes like this, will further enrich Team Malakoff’s spiritual journey by inspiring each other to engage in Al-Quran recitation throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

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