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Malakoff Hands Over Hearse, Celebrates Maulidur Rasul At Mukim Serkat

28 December 2018

Chants of ‘selawat’ and praises for Prophet Muhammad SAW in remembrance of his sacrifices in spreading Islam were heard all round Masjid Al-Amin Kampung Sungai Dinar, Pontian, Johor on 29th December 2018. More than 500 attendees from Mukim Serkat and Malakoff Corporation Berhad were present for the annual Maulidur Rasul celebration.

Aimed at fostering community harmony and spirit through religious gatherings, this occasion was organized by Malakoff, in collaboration with JKKK Mukim Serkat.

Also present were En. Abd Halim Md Salleh, representative of Tanjung Piai Member of Parliament, Tuan Roslan Bokari, Penghulu of Mukim Serkat, En. Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Ketua Kampung Kawasan 1 Mukim Serkat, and En. Mohd Kopli Yunus, Plant Manager of Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP) and other representatives from Malakoff.

Being a Masjid that was built by Malakoff in 2015, it is a part of our obligation to ensure its upkeep and maintenance are well taken care of. In view of this, a zakat contribution of RM40,000 was presented to the Chairman and Imam of Masjid Al-Amin, Tuan Haji Abdul Hafidz. Apart from the maintenance of the Masjid, the fund would also be utilised for religious classes and relevant community activities according to their 2019 calendar or ‘takwim’.

Acknowledging the difficulty of the community or ‘kariah’ around the Masjid, Malakoff also handed over a hearse for their use. The hearse is a used van procured by Malakoff in May last year and modified to cater to its new function.

Tuan Haji Abdul Hafidz expressed his gratitude towards this contribution as he felt it is timely and meaningful to the ‘kariah’.

“Previously, we have had logistics problems in transporting ‘jenazah’ which caused a lot of inconveniences and not to mention, a heartbreak to the families of the deceased due to the delay in transporting the ‘jenazah’ to the cemetery as in Islam, it is encouraged to hasten the burial.”

“We are grateful to Allah that our shortcomings are now finally addressed, thanks to the contribution from Malakoff”, he added.

The Maulidur Rasul celebration then proceeded with a recitation of the Holy Quran by the local Qari, a ceramah on the values of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w by Ustaz Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Jaafar from Majlis Agama Islam Johor and concluded with a recitation of the Selawat by the audience.

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