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Malakoff Holds Mental Health Awareness Programme on World Mental Health Day

10 October 2023

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) held a Mental Health Awareness Programme on 10 October 2023 at Malakoff Academy of Excellence (“MAX”). Led by the Ground Safety Department, the programme was aimed at creating awareness on mental health issues, its triggers, and methods to manage stress among Malakoff employees.

The program commenced with interactive games and activities designed to help employees relax and connect with each other. These engaging activities prompted them to reflect on their current stress management techniques and explore new approaches. Additionally, it provided a platform for employees to express their emotions and mental state through creative outlets like drawing and painting.

The programme then proceeded with a special Mental Health Talk by Puan Ummu Nazra Nadzam, a psychologist from KPJ Ampang Puteri, where she outlined the difference between mental health and mental disorder, and discussed in further detail on how the physical body reacts to various types of threats. She explained on primary and secondary emotions and emphasised the importance of recognising a situation or an event that could incite those emotions. She also shared various methods that are commonly used to reduce stress which in turn would help a person perform better at work and have a healthier and more engaging relationship with their significant others, family, and friends.

The programme concluded with a mental health quiz for employees to gauge their current mental and emotional state, followed by a token of appreciation ceremony by Malakoff’s Head of Group Safety Dr. Ramizu Abdul Rahim to Puan Ummu Nazra Nadzam.

World Mental Health Day is observed universally on every 10 October of the year where mental health and well-being is promoted and the various challenges faces in this are highlighted. The objective of this day is to increase understanding and recognition of the importance of mental health, as well as to rally support for mental health advocacy, education, and awareness efforts.

This programme was organised as part of Malakoff’s initiatives to inculcate a wholistic health and well-being culture among its employees and raise awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is also in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.3 that aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

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