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Malakoff Honours Its Long-Serving Employees

2 July 2019

Malakoff honoured 170 of its staff with Long Service Awards (LSA) in recognition of their dedication and commitment. The recipients of the LSA are stationed at Prai Power Plant (PPP), Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP), Tanjung Bin Energy Plant (TBEP), Lumut Power Plant (LPP) and KLHQ. The award was categorised into 20, 15 and 10 years of service. A total of 24, 37 and 109 recipients respectively received the awards as the Company’s show of appreciation towards their loyalty and dedication.

The recognition ceremonies were held separately on 13 June 2019 at PPP, 24 June 2019 at TBPP and TBEP, 27 June 2019 at LPP and 3 July 2019 at KLHQ and attended by YBhg Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Malakoff and the members of the Senior Management team.

During the ceremonies, Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad congratulated all long-servicing employees and iterated that “we are here to celebrate their excellent performance throughout their tenure as Malakoff does not retain people for the sake of retention.”

“We have adopted a performance-driven culture and the fact that all of you are still here, it goes to show that your commitment and relentless contributions to the company are acknowledged and highly appreciated”, he added.

Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad also reminded everyone to not be complacent and to continue working towards our 10-year strategic aspiration, which is to leverage 10,000 MW in power, 1 million desalinated m³/day and 1,000 MW of renewable power. He emphasized how this can all be achieved by adhering to our 3 core pillars which consists of Operational Excellence, Strategic Growth and Strengthening Fundamentals.

All LSA recipients were honoured with LSA certificates and a token sum as a symbol of recognition and appreciation for their dedication towards the Company. The Award was presented by Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad.

A 20-year LSA recipient, En. Rahimi Md Sharip, Head of Coal Handling at TBPP is thankful to the company for appreciating the long-serving employees. “I never imagined I could last this long with Malakoff as I first started working here as an engineer at LPP way back in 1998”, he added.

“Not only does the job give me a sense of satisfaction, but the benefits that Malakoff provides to its employees are also highly adequate which shows how we are valued individually and not seen as a collective unit”.

When asked about his advice to the new recruits, Mr. Rahimi says “your excellent CV is in your past and does not truly capture your character and attributes. One has to possess humility, passion and great work ethics to continuously contribute to Malakoff’s future endeavours and achievements”.

On behalf of Malakoff, congratulations to all recipients!

For pictures of the LSA recipients, please click here.

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