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Malakoff Kuwait Second Townhall 2012

15 May 2012

Malakoff Azzour Power Plant staff were pleased to welcome the 2nd townhall meeting for Malakoff Kuwait. The event was organized at JW Marriott, Safat, Kuwait City. The 2nd townhall session followed the success of the first ever Malakoff overseas townhall meeting held inside the power plant on 21st September 2011.

The townhall was a pleasant surprise for Malakoff Kuwait staff, especially with the plant’s official start of the 2012 critical summer operation. 18 Malakoff staff grouped together along side special guests who came all the way from Malaysia, namely Chief Executive Officer, En Zainal Abidin Jalil, SVP En Nordin, En Shokri, and En Mokhtar, among others. The management visit coincided with the bid submission for Shuaibah O&M at noon of the same day. The staff dressed proudly in their Malakoff corporate shirts and special black jackets to show a sense of belonging to the company and the site they represent.

The event started with dinner at 7:15pm at the Hotel La Brasserie restaurant before shifting to Salhiya room for the townhall session. The townhall session started at 8:15pm with a short refreshing view clip of the Malakoff Kuwait 1st townhall and the 1st Malakoff Kuwait Family Day held at Wafra Desert on 22nd March 2012. The review of our past successes bolstered the spirit of achievement, teamwork and family bond within Malakoff people.

En Zainal started the townhall with an energetic speech, followed by a fruitful Q&A session from the floor. He described Malakoff’s way forward, key drivers and future expansion in the pipeline. The target of achieving or doubling Malakoff generation was a vision imparted and shared by all staff.

Among questions asked were on Malakoff Kuwait and middle-east expansion, in particular the recent AlHidd project, Shuaibah and Azzour CCPP expansion. On Malakoff listing news, En Zainal responded with good news that Malakoff may be back in KLSE by next year. On the retirement age of 60 years, En Zainal informed that the company will look into it once the government has made this enforcement to private companies.

It was such a pleasure and homely feeling to have the CEO talking, listening and responding, a dejavu feeling for most of the staff who felt as if they were in LPP club house, a nostalgic place for most of them.

The townhall meeting ended at 10:30pm with ‘kopi’ and get together sessions. The lovely evening was ended with a group photo, with the hotel chandelier and decoration as the backdrop. Everyone was proud to host the meaningful event that brought the staff closer to their beloved company, Malakoff and home base, Malaysia.

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