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Malakoff Sends off Second Cancer Patient to Umrah

15 November 2017

Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) today sent off a second brain cancer patient, Mohamad Uthman Mohamad Saiful, 7, to Mecca to perform umrah. Also present at the airport was Executive Vice President, Operations of Malakoff, En. Habib Husin.

Uthman received a sponsorship to perform the umrah from Malakoff, together with his parents who accompanied him there. Earlier in May this year, Malakoff sponsored the first cancer patient, Zarifah Zaara Zamry and her parent to Mecca to perform umrah.

The media highlighted the plight of the two Stage 4 cancer patients to perform umrah in April this year and as a caring corporate citizen, Malakoff stepped up to sponsor these young cancer patients to fulfil their dreams.

Uthman’s mother, Norafidah Yahya, 32, said that Uthman was grateful beyond words when he was informed that he will be leaving for umrah.

“Since last night, he was unable to sleep as he was too excited at the thought of witnessing the Kaabah for the first time.”

Uthman also wished to personally pray in front of the Kaabah that he will overcome his illness and live a normal life as other kids of his age.

Norafidah and Uthman’s father, Mohamad Saiful Jadin took one month to prepare for their trip to ensure their journey went smoothly, including Uthman’s medication and final health check. They also prayed that Uthman is in a good mental and physical condition to perform umrah.

Asked what he wanted to do when he reached Mecca, Uthman said, “I want to pray in front of Kaabah so that I will not be sick anymore, just like how my mother taught me to pray every day.”

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