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12 October 2009

From left: Malakoff Corp. Berhad's MD/CEO, En Ahmad Jauhari , En. Abdul Rahim Kadir, Endie, Hamid and Azli

As usual, music was blaring from the speakers to give the 'party' atmosphere. Every race still gives the participants the nerves no matter how long they have been in the game. Having some distractions and friendly chats and banters with the others do help keep the anxiety under wraps.

National duathlete, Mariana and Stephanie Chok with yours truly

The morning was cloudy and we were expecting rain or at least a drizzle to happen in the race. I don't know which is worse, to race in the rain or the blazing sun. Cloudy is good, but please no rain. Steph was joking with Mariana, "We'd better finish this race before it rains..." You are A pro, girl, of course you can finish it fast. "Well, it's definitely better than racing in the scorching sun!"

"If racing in the rain, just open your mouth for water.. You don't need to stop at the water stations...."

Starting line frenzy

The racers gathered at the Start line a few minutes before 9 a.m. Adele blew the horn at the start of the event. Many ran as fast as they could while some held back and paced themselves wisely. This is a multipart sports. Think endurance, not short-term glory, i.e. finishing the first run fastest, then suffering on the bike and puking on the second run.

Things seemed to run smoothly and the racers looked like pro, although some might be first-timers and as usual, kekalutan memang tidak dapat dielakkan, i.e. forgetting to take off their running cap before putting on the helmet.. It wasn't even sunny, why do you need a cap on? Well, maybe it was out of habit, it is alright, no worries!

Cycling and second run were done in the rain for some racers. It's part and parcel of racing. Organizers can help to manage the transition areas, water stations, food, but weather was beyond anyone's control.

At least they had a cool climate to race in...

Some finished faster than others

Most of Malakoff Cycling Club members did well. One puked 3 times and had to DNF(did not finish). He was not used to running and probably thought running 3km was do-able without training.

Youngest participant, 12-year-old Darimi with his parents, Mejar Kalam and Nurina

Congratulations to all Finishers! I know all of you had a great time and were glad you didn't sleep in on a saturday morning.

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