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25 July 2008

The recently held MUDS in Universiti Malaya (UM) saw an increase in participation compared to the first installment in UKM. The low turnout in UKM might possibly be due to its clash with PD triathlon that was held on the same weekend.

MUDS in UM was more lively as there were more participants and supporters that came to view the race. The previously held MUDS in UKM definitely created a stir and gave a positive exposure of the sports to the masses resulting in an increase in number of participants.

A random survey on the participants came out with the conclusion that they prefer to do duathlon rather than triathlon as they don’t need to learn to swim and they are more confident with sports that doesn’t involve water. Here’s the encouraging fraction of participants according to the category:

  • Men’s University - 60 (previously 62 in UKM)

  • Women’s University - 14( 10)

  • Men’s Open - 115 (91)

  • Women’s Open - 32 (12)

  • Men’s Relay - 15 teams (8)

  • Mixed Relay - 15 teams (10)

  • Media - 8 (8)

  • TOTAL Individuals = 229 (183)

  • TOTAL Teams = 30 (18)

  • TOTAL PARTICIPANTS = 319 (237 previously)

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