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Tanjung Bin Power Plant Organises E-Waste Recycling Drive

7 November 2022

In conjunction with the National Environment Day that falls on 21st October ever year, Tanjung Bin Power Plant (“TBPP”) held an E-Waste Recycling Drive that ran from 17th October 2022 until 4th November 2022. This activity was part of the plant’s efforts to raise awareness among staff on disposing electronic devices through the right channels and measures to ensure environmental health and safety. This initiative is also a collaborative effort between TBPP and Malakoff’s subsidiary, Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (“AFES”).

With the aim of garnering as much participation as possible, the recycling drive witnessed involvement of not just TBPP and Tanjung Bin Energy (“TBE”) Power Plant staff but also the in-house contractors. All participants played their role to dispose their used electronic devices at the designated bins provided by AFES. The top three participants with the highest E-Waste contribution (based on weight calculation) would then go on to win prizes at the closing ceremony, which was held on 7th November 2022. In total, 1.48 MT of E-Waste was collected from the recycling drive.

Throughout the programme, informative and educational posters on E-Waste and its recycling process as well as its impact on our health were circulated to further promote understanding of E-Waste and the environment. Such facts served as a motivational factor for participants to not only act upon it themselves, but to also encourage their friends and family to do the same.

During the closing ceremony, TBPP Manager Encik Kopli bin Yunus was given the honour to present certificates and prizes to the first-prize winner, Encik Ali Kohar Mohamed from TBPP with a total collection of 284 kg of E-Waste, followed by the second-prize winner, Puan Nurisma binti Md Omar from TBPP with 253.2 kg of E-Waste collection. Encik Mohd Rahimi bin Ibrahim from TBPP won third place with total E-Waste collection of 212.6 kg. Consolation prizes were also distributed to seven other participants for their relentless effort. The cooperation and teamwork displayed throughout the drive was proof of the #TeamMalakoff spirit of striving for the best to fulfil a common goal.

This initiative is part of Malakoff’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 12 – Sustainable Consumption and Production that focuses on circular economy where products and materials can be reused, remanufactured, recycled or recovered and thus maintained in the economy while hazardous waste is avoided or minimised, and greenhouse gas emissions are eventually prevented or reduced. We would like to thank everyone involved for their support and effort and we hope to see a higher participation next year.

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