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Town Hall Sessions with the New CEO Received Overwhelming Response from Staff

7 August 2014

It has been a little over one month since Dato’ Syed Faisal Albar, the new Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff assumed office.

As soon as he took on the challenge to spearhead Malakoff, he wasted no time to make rounds at HQ and to all Malakoff-owned power plants to meet the staff, introduce himself and share what he has heard about Malakoff and what he saw during his first few weeks in the office.

Dato’ Syed Faisal expressed that he felt privileged and honoured to be chosen to head Malakoff, a company that he has heard many good things about, not only as the largest IPP in Malaysia, but also a company that is focused and have a good team.

In his message to the staff, he stressed on the importance of integrity and being disciplined on the job. His expectation is for the staff to perform in their tasks, by having the energy to do more than what is required, being able to energize and motivate others, providing the cutting edge, and executing the tasks with the ability to deliver the required performance time and time again. Dato’ Syed Faisal also urged the staff to give their best in their tasks, by having a workable strategy, make decisions, execute and manage. Most importantly, this must be done within the spirit of teamwork.

Taking an analogy of a frog sitting in a gradually boiling pot, he added that we mustn’t be complacent in our jobs. It might not be a burning platform yet but by being complacent, we are allowing danger to slowly creep in without us realizing it.

He also encouraged staff to keep an open mind and contribute ideas for the betterment of the company. He added that tasks must be done with a sense of urgency and executed without delay, while maintaining teamwork and be coordinated in their tasks.

Dato’ Syed Faisal also assured staff of his commitment to listen and defend in the interest of the company. He is determined to reinforce teamwork by focusing on one’s strength rather than their weaknesses.

Last but not least, he ended the session with wise words, “Best is the enemy of better”. With this, he reminded us not to rest on our laurels, but to continue improving ourselves in the interest of the company.

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