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  • Malakoff Participates in Energy Transition Conference 2023

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Participates in Energy Transition Conference 2023 28 August 2023 Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) recently participated in the Energy Transition Conference 2023 (“ETC 2023”) held on 28th and 29th August 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre as part of its commitment to spearheading the global green revolution. Organised by Tenaga Nasional Berhad the conference was aimed at converging industry players and policymakers through discussions and strategic dialogues on responsible energy transition that can find a balance between a sustainable energy system, energy security and affordability. Malakoff was a Gold partner in support of this event. The event was launched by the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Yang Berhormat Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad. Leveraging on the current Renewable Energy (“RE”) adoption pace in Malaysia, the ETC 2023 was focused on three main areas; the Future of Energy where resilience of grid infrastructure and greener lifestyle adoption was deliberated, Green Mobility where challenges and opportunities in deploying sustainable fuel sources to power vehicles were discussed, and Sustainable Cities where efficient use of technology was promoted to create sustainable cities with reduced carbon emission. Malakoff’s Senior Vice President of the Local Generation Division Encik Muhammad Azmil Ismail was also invited as one of the panel speakers to provide his industry insights on the roles of implementing natural gas to bridge the gap between reliance on fossil fuels and a complete adoption of RE. In tandem with the recent release of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (“NETR”), this topic garnered much interest and sparked several debates among members of the audience. On Day 2 of the event, the NETR Part 2 was also launched by the Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, where it was announced that between RM120 to RM180 billion of investment opportunities in co-funded by government facilities would be made available to support the energy transition. It is also projected to bring about a 10% to 15% uplift to Malaysia’s gross domestic product value. Malakoff’s participation in the ETC 2023 is testament to our dedication to minimising our environmental footprint, developing RE solutions and promoting environmental stewardship in line with the Government’s target to cut 45% of carbon intensity by 2030 and increase the RE capacity mix to 70% by 2050.

  • Malakoff Assists Financial Burden for Adik Rayyan

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Assists Financial Burden for Adik Rayyan 6 September 2023 On 6 September 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) donated RM10,000 from its Corporate 'Wakalah Zakat' Fund to support a 12-year-old victim of a motor vehicle accident, Adik Muhammad Rayyan Fitri bin Abd Rahman at his residence in Kampung Sungai Chengkeh, Mukim Serkat, Johor. The Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs Encik Md Yuha bin Ismail from Malakoff's Group Communications and Branding took the lead in the donation effort that was primarily focused on securing an electric wheelchair for Adik Rayyan and addressing his current needs. The handover was also attended by the Village Head of Sungai Chengkeh, Encik Abd Samir bin Mahadi. On 19 November 2022, Adik Rayyan, a Year 6 student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Boh, was involved in a serious traffic incident while accompanying his father on route to Malakoff's Tanjung Bin Power Plant (“TBPP”). A collision with another vehicle occurred abruptly, leaving all passengers in a state of profound shock. Adik Rayyan was then admitted to Surgical Ward at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru, from 19 November 2022 to 5 January 2023 where he had to undergo various types of treatments. Due to the complications of his condition, Adik Rayyan was diagnosed to be paralysed from the waist down where he was advised to go through a post-surgical rehabilitation programme to have his progress and condition monitored periodically. As we aspire to be a respectable corporate citizen that aims to prioritise the needs of the community, we truly hope that the contribution was able to ease at least a little bit of the burden that Adik Rayyan and his family had to shoulder since the day of the accident. This contribution was not only to provide financial support, but to also ensure that Adik Rayyan and his family would be able to carry on with their lives despite the unfathomable misfortune that befell them. We extend our heartfelt wishes for their well-being and strength as they navigate through this challenging time, with hope for brighter days ahead.

  • Malakoff Organises Bowling Tournament with Grid System Operator (“GSO”) and Single Buyer (“SB”)

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Organises Bowling Tournament with Grid System Operator (“GSO”) and Single Buyer (“SB”) 8 September 2023 On 8 September 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) held a friendly bowling tournament with Grid System Operator (“GSO”) and Single Buyer (“SB”) at the Sunway Megalanes Bowling, Sunway Pyramid as an integral part of its ongoing commitment to engage and cultivate relationships with its key stakeholders. The event garnered a strong turnout from everyone involved, also serving as an informal gathering for working-level groups. Split into Individual and Group categories, the friendly tournament unfolded in two rounds. In the first round, participants collaborated with their teammates to analyse their opponents' strengths and weaknesses. As the second round kicked off, participants exhibited their skills, emphasising teamwork and camaraderie to secure the highest possible scores for their teams. In conclusion, the Individual category's champion emerged as Encik Mohd Nizam Muhamad Nor from Malakoff whereas the champion for the Group category were the group consisting Encik Muhammad Naseer Alias (Malakoff), Kavitha Kumaravel (SB), Encik Rayyen Khalis Zainal (SB) and Encik Mohamad Noor Faizal Abdul Rahim (GSO). Malakoff’s Assistant Vice President of the Local Generation Division, Puan Norafinaz Khairudin, handed over the prizes to the top ten Individual winners and top three Group winners, accompanied by Malakoff’s Senior Manager of Group Communications & Branding, Encik Md Yuha Ismail. This initiative is part of Malakoff’s continuous engagement with its key stakeholders through activities that can further cultivate the spirit of ‘silaturrahim’ while enhancing our working relationship towards fulfilling shared goals and objectives. It is also in line with our commitment towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17 that encourages stronger partnerships that will contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development. We would like to thank everyone involved for the camaraderie and great display of sportsmanship, and we hope to see you again next time.

  • Malakoff Organises Friendly Football Match with ST

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Organises Friendly Football Match with ST 8 September 2023 On 8 September 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad ("Malakoff") held its annual friendly football match with the Energy Commission ("ST") at Stadium Maybank, Bangi, as part ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration with its stakeholders. At approximately 8:00 pm, the stadium quickly became packed with friends and family members from both teams, observing as the participants stretched and prepared before the game kicked off. Minutes after the match commenced, the first goal was scored by Ikhwan Ahmad from ST, simultaneously gaining the upper hand. Before the start of the second half, a goal was also scored by Malakoff, Mohd Aiman Abdul Jalil, which successfully tied the game at 1-1. As the second half commenced, both teams exhibited determination through their fierce tackles and goal-scoring attempts, each vying for the win. In the end, Team ST secured victory in this friendly football match with the final score of 2-1 by Megat Muhammad Arif Roslan, showcasing remarkable dedication and effort, and drawing cheers from their supporters and retaining their win from the previous match. The event proceeded with an award ceremony by Malakoff’s Senior Manager of Group Communications & Branding Encik Md Yuha Ismail, to the champion of the match, ST, represented by ST’s Legal Director Encik Khairul Nizam. Even though luck did not favour team Malakoff, their commitment and spirit deserve praise. Congratulations to both teams on their effort. This initiative is a part of Malakoff's ongoing engagement with its major stakeholders through initiatives that can strengthen our partnership and further the spirit of "silaturrahim" as we work to achieve our common goals and objectives. Additionally, it corresponds with our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17, which encourages stronger partnerships to support sustainable development and environmental protection. We would like to thank everyone for their admirable display of sportsmanship, and we hope to see you again next time.

  • Malakoff | Enhancing Life, Enriching Communities

    Our Purpose Enhancing Life. Enriching Communities. Our Business Thermal Power Generation Powering homes and businesses View more Renewable Energy Transitioning to a cleaner energy future View more Environmental Solutions Providing a clean and safe environment View more Water Desalination Fresh, potable water for millions of homes View more Electricity Distribution & District Cooling System Delivering comfort in the center of Kuala Lumpur View more Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Ensuring consistent and uninterrupted energy & water delivery View more Project Management Services Ensuring smooth running of operations View more In The News 5 August 2023 Malakoff Organises Futsal Tournament with NRECC, ST and TNB Single Buyer & GSO Read more 26 July 2023 Malakoff and Alam Flora Win Sustainable Leadership Awards at the 2023 Sustainability and CSR Awards Read more 15 July 2023 Malakoff Organises Annual Friendly Football Match with NRECC Read more

  • Corporate Governance | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Our aim is to promote high level of accountability and transparency in our business activities and operations. The Company takes a zero-tolerance approach against all forms of bribery and corruption and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings. Sustainability Agenda Sustainability Statement Corporate Governance Integrity & Governance policiesnew Policies Terms of Reference Reports / Statements Policies Anti-Bribery Policy Download Related Party Transactions Policies & Procedures Download Policy on Non-Audit Services Download Whistleblowing Policy Download Board Charter Download Policy on Independent Non-Executive Directors Tenure Download Board Diversity Policy Download Code of Conduct Download Directors’ Fit & Proper Policy Download Anti - Bribery Management System (ABMS) Malakoff Corporation Berhad was honored with the certification of ISO37001:2016 Anti - Bribery Management System ("ABMS") by SIRIM QAS for its commitment in upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and accountability in all of its business activities and operations. > MCB Anti-Bribery Policy Statement > MCB Anti-Bribery Policy > MCB ABMS Certification termofreferencenew Terms of Reference Terms of Reference of Audit Committee Download Terms of Reference of Board Risk & Investment Committee Download Terms of Reference of Board Nomination & Remuneration Download Terms of Reference of Board Procurement Committee Download Reports / Statements Corporate Governance Overview Statement 2022 Download Corporate Governance Overview Statement 2021 Download Corporate Governance Report 2022 Download Corporate Governance Report 2021 Download statmentnew

  • Who We Are | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Leading our nation towards a cleaner, brighter future. Who We Are Our Journey Vision, Mission & Corporate Values Who We Are A Leading Global Energy and Environmental Solutions Company A sustainably-driven multinational energy generation and environmental solutions company, Malakoff is committed to enhancing lives and enriching communities. It is Malaysia’s largest Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) with an effective generating capacity of 5,342 MW and effective Renewable Energy (”RE”) capacity of 40 MW. Through its subsidiary, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, Malakoff is also one of the country’s leading environmental services companies, managing waste volume of 5,748 tonnes per day. ​ Malakoff has established an international footprint of innovative solutions, notably through its power generation and water desalination ventures in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. ​ Currently in its next transformational stage, Malakoff is driving change to realise the Nation’s ambitions of carbon neutrality and a circular economy through its three core entities; Malakoff Green Solutions for renewables through solar, small hydro, biogas, biomass and carbon free mobility infrastructure; Malakoff Environmental Solutions for solid waste management & public cleansing, infrastructure cleaning and waste solutions, integrated facility management, recycling, marine and hazardous waste solutions, water desalination and waste-to-energy projects; and Malakoff Energy for thermal power generation assets, operations & maintenance, electricity distribution and district cooling system. ​ In its pursuit of a cleaner and greener world, Malakoff is dedicated towards fostering collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and leveraging collective expertise to create a more sustainable and resilient future for all. For more information about Malakoff, please visit . ​ Malakoff is a member of the MMC Group. 5930 MW Total effective thermal power generation capacity 472975 m³/day Total effective water production capacity 40 MW Total effective renewable energy capacity 5748 tonnes/day Total solid waste management volume * Information is as at 1 January 2023

  • Anti-Bribery Policy | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Leading our nation towards a cleaner, brighter future. Anti-Bribery Policy Anti-Bribery Policy Download

  • Power Plant Locations | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Committed to serving your needs. Back Power Plant Locations SEV Power Plant Capacity : 1,303 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Location : Perak, Malaysia Kapar Power Plant Capacity : 2,200 MW Coal, Oil and Gas-Fired Location : Selangor, Malaysia GB3 Power Plant Capacity : 640 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Location : Perak, Malaysia (*PPA expiration: December 2022) Prai Power Plant Capacity : 350 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Location : Penang, Malaysia Tanjung Bin Power Plant Capacity : 2,100 MW Coal-Fired Location : Johor, Malaysia Tanjung Bin Energy Power Plant Capacity : 1,000 MW Coal-Fired Location : Johor, Malaysia Port Dickson Power Plant Capacity : 436 MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) Location : Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia (*PPA expiration: 2019) Al Hidd IWPP Capacity : 929 MW, 410,000 m³/day water desalination Location : Bahrain Shuaibah-III Capacity : 900 MW, 880,000 m³/day Location : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • AFES Launches ‘Fasilita’

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back AFES Launches ‘Fasilita’ 1 March 2023 On 1st February 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”)’s environmental solutions subsidiary, Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (“AFES”) had launched ‘Fasilita’, a comprehensive home cleaning service that includes domestic bulky waste disposal and pest extermination. Held at AFES Headquarters in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, the event was officiated by Director of AFES Yang Berbahagia (“YBhg”) Dato’ Mohd Zain and attended by Encik Nazar bin Abdul Raof, Chief Operating Officer of AFES. ‘Fasilita’ is an extension of AFES’ Facility Management, Infrastructure Cleansing and Waste Solution services where it aims at expanding the facility management services to the public and simultaneously strengthening the AFES brand itself. ‘Fasilita’ provides fully equipped cleaning tools with a team of professional experts to deliver their solutions and services from home to home. Additionally, ‘Fasilita’ also gives a flexible service session (morning and evening) to cater to the customer’s comfort and satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam. Speaking at the launch, YBhg Dato’ Mohd Zain emphasised that AFES would be focusing on providing its services directly to the public as part of their efforts to heighten awareness on the importance of clean environment. “We work frequently with statutory bodies and government agencies which tend to be our clients. While that helps enhance our working relationship with them, we also want to assert our objectives and goals to the general public. Through this initiative, where we allow direct access for the public to experience our professional services, we hope it can create awareness on cleaner living environment and cultivate the culture of upkeeping clean environment. As of now, we start with Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam but when we have garnered enough exposure and demand, we will definitely consider expanding our services outside of these areas”. This initiative is part of Malakoff’s commitment towards the UN SDG Goal No. 11 – for sustainable cities and communities and SDG Goal No. 12 – ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

  • Malakoff-KeTTHA Ride to a Healthier Environment

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff-KeTTHA Ride to a Healthier Environment 31 March 2017 On 1 April 2017, Malakoff collaborated with Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air (KeTTHA) to organize Malakoff-KeTTHA Ride from Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru to Malakoff’s Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP), Pontian as part of the ministry’s working visit to the power plant. 50 cyclists comprised of participants from KeTTHA, Malakoff, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Media Prima were all fired up to cover the 60km route. The entourage from KeTTHA was headed by none other than its Secretary General, YBhg. Dato’ Seri Ir Dr Zaini Ujang, a cycling enthusiast. Cyclists were up as early as 5am to prepare for the impending ride. Although the ride distance was about 60km, proper preparation, nutrition and hydration plan were important to ensure that they were able to cycle comfortably. They went down as soon as breakfast was served at 6am and took the opportunity to discuss the route profile amongst themselves and strategize their cycling pace and energy to finish the distance. The lobby was buzzing with cyclists doing last-minutes checks on their bikes and taking photos, motorcycle marshals briefing the support crew on the rules of the convoy, and the organizing committee making sure that no stone were left unturned to ensure the event ran smoothly as planned. The lead marshal from PDRM Johor gave a safety briefing to the group, followed by a doa recital for the well-being of the whole convoy… and they’re off! At 8am sharp, the group was flagged off from the hotel lobby by En Mohd Shokri Daud, Senior Vice President, Local Generation Division of Malakoff. The first leg of the route proved to be a challenge for the cyclists and certainly not for the faint-hearted! As the police and marshals cleared the way and halted traffic for the cyclists, a few cyclists were dropped from the big group and trickled into a single line as the climbs became a measure of their strengths. A few cyclists suffered from cramps as they pushed to their limits, but they were quickly attended to by the medics. The first pit stop at kilometer 17.5 provided some relief as they refueled with water, isotonic, bread and bananas. The cyclists were back in high spirits as they were determined to complete the ride. The second leg was less undulating and the cyclists enjoyed drafting in a group that made the distance and speed more bearable. At last, the cyclists were all smiles when they arrived at the admin building of TBPP, greeted by En Hairol Azizi (Plant Manager of TBPP) and the management of TBPP. The cyclists were also presented with a token of appreciation to commemorate the ride and served with refreshment upon arrival. YBhg Dato’ Seri Ir Dr Zaini was then whisked into TBPP’s Boardroom for a briefing on the operation of TBPP, followed by a site tour headed by En Hairol that lasted for almost three hours. The entourage were taken to TBPP’s central and coal control rooms to witness the operations first-hand while listening to explanations given by TBPP’s management team. Speaking of the event through his Facebook account, YBhg Dato’ Seri Ir Dr Zaini acknowledged the cycling event held by Malakoff as a recreational activity “to promote cycling and endurance spirit among participants from KeTTHA, Malakoff and UTM”. “Our next target is to make cycling as part of our alternatives to private and public transports. Therefore we need to create awareness, provide appropriate infrastructures and adequate facilities, as well as ensuring safety for cyclists in urban ecosystem”, he added. He also pointed out that cycling has a better proposition compared to many others in reducing carbon emission and traffic congestion, apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle. YBhg Dato’ Seri Ir Dr Zaini was appointed as the Secretary General of KeTTHA on 5 August 2016 and this was his first working visit to TBPP since taking office.

  • Malakoff KL Run 2011 18122011

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff KL Run 2011 18122011 17 December 2011

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