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  • Corporate Governance | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Leading our nation towards a cleaner, brighter future. Anchor 2 Sustainability Agenda Sustainability Statement Corporate Governance Anchor 1 policies Integrity & Governance Policies Terms of Reference Reports / Statements Policies Anti-Bribery Policy Download Related Party Transactions Policies & Procedures Download Policy on Non-Audit Services Download Whistleblowing Policy Download Board Charter Download Policy on Independent Non-Executive Directors Tenure Download Board Diversity Policy Download Code of Conduct Download Directors’ Fit & Proper Policy Download Terms of Reference Terms of Reference of Audit Committee Download Terms of Reference of Board Risk & Investment Committee Download Terms of Reference of Board Nomination & Remuneration Download Terms of Reference of Board Procurement Committee Download termsofreference Reports / Statements Corporate Governance Overview Statement 2022 Download Corporate Governance Overview Statement 2021 Download Corporate Governance Report 2022 Download Corporate Governance Report 2021 Download statement

  • Malakoff Produces First Batch of Lean Six Sigma Graduates

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Produces First Batch of Lean Six Sigma Graduates 2 April 2018 Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) held the graduation ceremony for the first batch of its Lean Six Sigma (“LSS”) Green Belt graduates on 3 April 2018 at Malakoff Academy of Excellence. The graduation ceremony, held in conjunction with Corporate Affairs and Stakeholder Management Division (“CASM”) Open Day, recognised 23 Green Belters who have successfully completed their training in 2017. Lean Six Sigma or LSS is a powerful process improvement methodology that combines the tools of two quality management concepts, namely “Lean” and “Six Sigma”. Chief Executive of Malakoff, YBhg Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali congratulated the graduates on their achievements. He added that “through the implementation of LSS, a company would be able to recognise key areas of improvement and then reduce the variations in those areas to improve quality and speed.” The Malakoff Lean Six Sigma was launched on 25 May 2017 with the view to achieve continuous operational improvements and cost reduction. It was envisioned that with LSS, waste will be removed from business processes and at the same time solve problems caused by a process, subsequently creating savings for the Company. From 2017 to 2019, Malakoff aims to train 468 of its staff in various belt categories. This year, it is expected that Malakoff will produce 60 Yellow Belts, 90 Green Belts and 15 Black Belts. By 2019, it is expected that a total of 270 Yellow Belts, 153 Green Belts, 25 Black Belts and 10 Master Black Belts will be certified. At present, Malakoff has 25 concurrent Black Belt and Green Belt projects that are in various stages of development. These projects, if implemented properly, will yield varying cost savings for the company over a long period of time. Dato’ Fuaad reminded the graduates that “LSS is not an additional burden from your current work load, but is a short-term sacrifice that will unlock benefits to the company over the long term. The full benefits of Lean Six Sigma will only be realised when applied correctly at both strategic and operational levels. Whilst the application at the operational level results in cost reduction, the application at the strategic level results in wider benefits for the organisation.” At the end of the graduation ceremony, Dato’ Fuaad and members of the Management Committee visited the booths by various sections under CASM, namely Corporate Affairs & Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Business Process Improvement, and Group Health, Security, Safety & Environment, and external exhibitors such as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Cert Academy and the Road Safety Department (JKJR).

  • Malakoff Organises Friendly Football Match with ST

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Organises Friendly Football Match with ST 8 September 2023 On 8 September 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad ("Malakoff") held its annual friendly football match with the Energy Commission ("ST") at Stadium Maybank, Bangi, as part ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration with its stakeholders. At approximately 8:00 pm, the stadium quickly became packed with friends and family members from both teams, observing as the participants stretched and prepared before the game kicked off. Minutes after the match commenced, the first goal was scored by Ikhwan Ahmad from ST, simultaneously gaining the upper hand. Before the start of the second half, a goal was also scored by Malakoff, Mohd Aiman Abdul Jalil, which successfully tied the game at 1-1. As the second half commenced, both teams exhibited determination through their fierce tackles and goal-scoring attempts, each vying for the win. In the end, Team ST secured victory in this friendly football match with the final score of 2-1 by Megat Muhammad Arif Roslan, showcasing remarkable dedication and effort, and drawing cheers from their supporters and retaining their win from the previous match. The event proceeded with an award ceremony by Malakoff’s Senior Manager of Group Communications & Branding Encik Md Yuha Ismail, to the champion of the match, ST, represented by ST’s Legal Director Encik Khairul Nizam. Even though luck did not favour team Malakoff, their commitment and spirit deserve praise. Congratulations to both teams on their effort. This initiative is a part of Malakoff's ongoing engagement with its major stakeholders through initiatives that can strengthen our partnership and further the spirit of "silaturrahim" as we work to achieve our common goals and objectives. Additionally, it corresponds with our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17, which encourages stronger partnerships to support sustainable development and environmental protection. We would like to thank everyone for their admirable display of sportsmanship, and we hope to see you again next time.

  • Malakoff Continues Coral Planting Efforts at Pulau Aur

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Continues Coral Planting Efforts at Pulau Aur 3 September 2015 Coral Planting and Reef Clean-Up Project In Commemoration of Merdeka Day Highlights The Importance Of Marine Biodiversity 4 September 2015, Pulau Aur, Mersing, Johor - Malakoff Corporation Berhad today continues its commitment towards the environment by collaborating with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) and Department of Marine Park Malaysia (JTLM) in its efforts to care for the marine ecosystem. The Malakoff Coral Planting and Reef Clean-Up Project 2015 held from 28 to 30 August 2015, was aimed at highlighting the importance of coral in the marine ecosystem and to raise awareness and support from the local community on the threats that they are facing. The project was launched by Director of Research and Resource Inventory Department of JTLM, Abdul Muntalib bin Juli, who acknowledged Malakoff’s on-going effort of championing the rehabilitation of coral. “This is the fifth year of our collaboration with Malakoff involving the marine ecosystem. We have received positive feedbacks on the previous programs and this has spurred Malakoff to continue working with us on this noble effort.” “This year, the project is carried out in the coastal waters of Pulau Aur, Mersing, Johor. Pulau Aur is an important coral nursery in Malaysia as it has a conducive environment for the coral to propagate. According to statistics, it is the habitat of at least 183 types of corals and 232 reef-fish species. Pulau Aur is also the largest island in a group of 3 islands that reside in the Pulau Aur Marine Park,” added Abdul Muntalib in his speech. At the event, a contribution of RM30,000 from Malakoff was also handed out to Abdul Muntalib as the representative from JTLM for the project. During the 3-day event, 20 divers from JTLM and Malakoff participated in the cleaning of ghost nets and coral planting in the coastal waters of Pulau Aur. Total of 20 frames submerged into the coastal waters where divers planted coral nubbins to conserve the coral in the area. The Pulau Aur community, consisting of fishermen, students, private agencies and tourists also participated in marine awareness programs and were briefed on the importance of corals to the marine ecosystem. A special session symbolically called “Merdeka Dive” was carried out on 30th August, where the divers hoisted the Jalur Gemilang underwater during a reef clean-up to mark the celebration of Malaysia’s 58 years of independence. Speaking of the project, Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff, Dato’ Sri Syed Faisal Albar said the continuity of the project reflected Malakoff’s profound commitment to the Environment. “We are pleased with the enthusiastic involvement of the local communities in the Malakoff Coral Planting and Reef Clean-Up Project. Such collaboration with JTLM enables the communities to be a part of the project’s success while allowing us to build meaningful engagements with them.” “Malakoff’s previous environmental efforts in Pulau Mentinggi, Johor have generated positive impact to the community and the marine biodiversity in the surrounding areas. With the strong interest in conserving the ecosystem shown by the community in Pulau Aur, I’m positive that the same result can be replicated here,” he added. As a result of its commitment to the Environment, Malakoff has previously received several regional and national CSR awards on its environment efforts, namely the prestigious Anugerah Langkawi (2014) and Environment Week Special Appreciation (2013) by NRE, CSR of the Year Award (2013) by MIM, Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards on Green Leadership (2013), Appreciation for Habitat Restoration Initiatives in conjunction with World Ocean Day (2012) by NRE and Prime Minister’s CSR Award in Environment (2010).

  • Our Journey | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Leading our nation towards a cleaner, brighter future. Who We Are Our Journey Vision, Mission & Corporate Values Our Journey The chronicles of the establishment of Malakoff Berhad (“MB”) dates back to the early 1970s as a plantation-based business when the agricultural sector was at the top of its peak. The Company was incorporated on 9 October 1975 and listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1976. A shift in the Group’s corporate direction resulted in the disposal of its plantation-based assets in October 1993 and the subsequent venture into the power sector, driven by the surge in the country’s electricity demand. From Malakoff Berhad to Malakoff Corporation Berhad In its quest to further expand its core businesses and services, MB was presented with a golden opportunity when MMC Corporation Berhad (“MMC”) made an offer to acquire all of its assets as part of MMC’s transformation strategy to become a premier utilities and infrastructure player. The acquisition was completed on 30 April 2007 and subsequently, MB was officially delisted from the Main Market of Bursa Securities on 18 July 2007. This then led to the formation of Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) on 25 April 2007. On 15 May 2015, Malakoff was relisted on Bursa Malaysia. The Acquisition of Alam Flora Malakoff wanted to stay ahead of its competitors and ventured into Environmental Solutions to accelerate its growth in the environmental and sustainability sector. The Group aspires to look beyond waste disposal and landfills towards a more sustainable waste management approach underlined by circular economy, aligned with the prospects of economic development and population growth in Malaysia. ​ In December 2019, Malakoff completed the acquisition of a 97.37% equity in Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. from DRB-HICOM Berhad for RM869 million to accelerate its growth in the environmental solutions sector. ​ Alam Flora currently holds a concession to provide solid waste collection and public cleansing management services to several concession areas in Pahang, Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Malakoff Today Malakoff today, a diversified portfolio of businesses, is moving towards becoming a global renewable energy and environmental solutions player, with key focus in Thermal Power Generation, Renewable Energy (solar, mini-hydro, biogas, Waste-to-Energy), Environmental Solutions and Water Desalination. Malakoff’s growth trajectory is underlined by key sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

  • Gotong-Royong, Malakoff Style

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Gotong-Royong, Malakoff Style 3 August 2011 Last Saturday (30 July 2011), once again the staff of Malakoff Corporation Berhad visited Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah Al-Ansar for a gotong royong with its residents. This time around, 30 staff and their family members joined hands to spruce up the premises. Besides cleaning the school area, Malakoff also contributed to construct an outdoor multipurpose court for the children, new toilets and kolah (or a communal pool for the muslimat to use for bathing). In addition, the Company also donated 10 computers to create a computer lab for the children as well as lights and fans for the muslimat dormitories and the surau. The morning drizzle did little to dampen the spirits of volunteers. After a simple breakfast of bihun sup and tea prepared by the hosts, they happily donned caps and reached for brooms and mops. The ladies made a line and cleared the girls’ storeroom by passing items from one person to the other. That storeroom was cleared in no time and the rubbish dump quickly filled up with unwanted items. Everyone was in high spirits. This was a noble deed and felt extra special given the upcoming month of Ramadhan. Those who attended truly wanted the children there to have a comfortable place to study and live in. It was also an eye-opener for some the staff and their children as they went into the dormitories and bathing areas, and saw how children there lived daily. Without the comfort of air-conditioning, individual shower stalls or washing machines, they were still happy and grateful for whatever they had. After hours of cleaning and clearing, hungry volunteers & children were treated to lunch. A delicious array of dishes were served in metal pans or dulang to accompany hot, freshly-cooked rice. Fried salted fish, sambal belacan, fried chicken with gulai daging masak kicap and gulai nangka were among the tasty kampong fare greated enjoyed by all. At the closing ceremony, En. Raziff Embi, Vice President of Ventures II, shared that the welfare of the children at Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah Al-Ansar has always been close to the hearts of all at Malakoff. “Riding on our corporate social responsibility platform, the Malakoff Community Partnerships, we remain committed to the Community and Education. We strongly believe in the role of education towards the upliftment of society. With our small contribution of this multipurpose court for the children to enjoy outdoor recreational activities and along with the donation of 10 computers, we hope to not just foster computer-literacy among these children, but we also look to their having fun, being healthy and active as they pick up and hone their skills both on and off the court. At the end of the day, we look to these simple ‘gifts’ empowering students here and preparing them for the outside world and future occupations.” “As a Company, we are very pleased to actively participate in activities such as this gotong royong as we believe in people, both within and outside our Organization. Our contribution to the local community is not just via physical donations, but we also welcome opportunities like this to work and grow, hand-in-hand.” Headmaster of Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah Al-Ansar, Ustaz Sazli Ansari was humbled by Malakoff’s generosity to ease the burden of these children and caretakers. “With the increase in the number of students at (Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah) Al-Ansar, we gratefully welcome Malakoff’s help in improving our living conditions. Malakoff is like a big brother to us and we are deeply thankful that a caring corporate company such as Malakoff is concerned with our students’ well-being here.” On behalf of the Senior Management, our CEO, En Zainal Abidin added, “Thank you to all those who participated in the gotong royong, be it in terms of money or in-kind. Those who volunteered sweat and tears, with their children in tow, an extra big Thank You! Without your collective generosity, kindness and sacrifice, this gotong royong will not have been possible. These children at Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah Al-Ansar have not just a more comfortable Hari Raya to look forward to, but also a brighter future knowing people from a company called Malakoff, care & will continue to help them grow and live up to their potential.”

  • Our Purpose | Malakoff Corporation Berhad | Kuala Lumpur

    Leading our nation towards a cleaner, brighter future. Our Purpose With a renewed purpose of “Enhancing Life, Powering Communities”, Malakoff is embarking on a new journey to be a sustainably-conscious organisation. Ultimately, Malakoff aspires to enhance the quality of life by reducing carbon emissions while meeting everybody's need for a clean environment and a nice place to live in addition to ‘Powering Communities’ by making sure everybody has access to electricity.

  • EC Goin’ Fishin’ with Malakoff

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back EC Goin’ Fishin’ with Malakoff 4 August 2018 On 5 July 2018, Malakoff Corporation Berhad hosted the Energy Commission (EC) in an angling event held at a lake in its wholly-owned Port Dickson Power (PDP) Plant in Lukut, Port Dickson. The event was a casual get-together, attended by 40 participants from both organisations. The EC anglers were led by the Head of Enforcement, En. Mohd Nawawi bin Hj Said Abdullah, while Malakoff was represented by PDP Plant Manager, Ir. Mat Nasir bin Mohamed. The event kicked off at 9 a.m. and saw anglers quickly fixing baits to their fishing lines, aiming to be one to reel in the biggest catch. It was a lucky day for everyone as they were able to catch some fish to bring home. After the anglers had turned in their catches to be weighed, Mr. Shahrul Rizal from EC was named the winner of the competition for his Barramundi catch (siakap), which weighed 3.46kg! En. Mat Nasir presented the prizes to the winners up to the sixth place. The participants eagerly exchanged accounts on their past fishing adventures over lunch that was followed by a feast of local fruits that are in season. What a great way to end the day and many thanks to EC for participating in the event!

  • TNB, Malakoff Erat Silaturrahim Melalui Bola Sepak, Bola Jaring

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back TNB, Malakoff Erat Silaturrahim Melalui Bola Sepak, Bola Jaring 25 October 2018 Malakoff Corporation Berhad telah mengadakan perlawanan persahabatan bola sepak dan bola jaring melawan Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) pada 26 Oktober 2018 yang lalu, bertempat di Padang Kelab Kilat TNB, Bangsar. Perlawanan ini bertujuan untuk mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim di antara warga kerja Malakoff dan TNB menerusi aktiviti riadah. Perlawanan persahabatan tersebut melibatkan 60 pemain dari Malakoff dan TNB dan dimulakan pada jam 5.30 petang. Perlawanan bola sepak menyaksikan kedua-dua pasukan meletakkan kesebelasan pemain terbaik di awal permainan. Para pemain mempamerkan gerakan yang lincah dan bersemangat untuk mendapatkan mata untuk pasukan masing-masing. Namun begitu, penguasaan padang lebih didominasikan oleh TNB. Hasilnya, pintu gol Malakoff berjaya dibolos TNB pada separuh masa pertama dan kedua. Memasuki separuh masa yang ketiga, para pemain Malakoff makin bersungguh-sungguh untuk memecah kebuntuan dan cubaan demi cubaan ditujukan ke arah pintu gol TNB. Akhirnya, mereka berjaya menghasilkan satu gol di minit-minit terakhir perlawanan. Keputusannya, TNB menang dengan jaringan 2-1. Pasukan bola jaring Malakoff dan TNB juga turut mempamerkan aksi cemerlang sepanjang perlawanan. Rentak permainan pasukan TNB yang pantas jelas mencabar kebolehan pasukan Malakoff apabila terus mempamerkan aksi konsisten sepanjang perlawanan. Sekali lagi, pasukan bola jaring TNB muncul juara sebaik perlawanan berakhir dengan keputusan 22 jaringan berbalas 11. Akhir kata, ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak TNB kerana sudi menjadi tuan rumah perlawanan persahabatan kali ini dan tahniah diucapkan sempena kemenangan mereka.

  • Tan Sri Che Khalib bin Mohamad Noh

    Back Tan Sri Che Khalib bin Mohamad Noh Executive Vice Chairman Tan Sri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh, a Malaysian, male, is the Executive Vice Chairman of the Company effective 1 July 2023. He was the Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company since 9 December 2014 before being redesignated to the current position. Prior to that, Tan Sri Che Khalib had been the Managing Director of the Company from 1 July 2013 to 9 December 2014. A qualified accountant, Tan Sri Che Khalib is a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (CA, M) and a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA, UK) United Kingdom. Tan Sri Che Khalib began his career with Messrs. Ernst & Young in 1989 and later joined Bumiputra Merchant Bankers Berhad. Between 1992 and 1999, he served in several companies within the Renong Group. In June 1999, Tan Sri Che Khalib joined Ranhill Utilities Berhad as Chief Executive Officer. He then assumed the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of KUB Malaysia Berhad. Tan Sri Che Khalib was appointed as the President/Chief Executive Officer of Tenaga Nasional Berhad on 1 July 2004 where he served eight years until the completion of his contract. He then joined DRB-HICOM Berhad as the Chief Operating Officer of Finance, Strategy and Planning in July 2012. Tan Sri Che Khalib was previously a member of the Board and the Executive Committee of Khazanah Nasional Berhad between 2000 and 2004. He also served as a Board member within the United Engineers Malaysia Group of Companies and Bank Industri & Teknologi Malaysia Berhad. Tan Sri Che Khalib is currently the Group Managing Director of MMC Corporation Berhad. He also sits on the Board of Gas Malaysia Berhad, Johor Port Berhad, MMC Engineering Group Berhad, Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad, Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, NCB Holdings Berhad, Kontena Nasional Berhad, Northport (Malaysia) Bhd, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin and several private limited companies.

  • Malakoff Corporation Berhad Profit Increased by three fold in Q1 FY2015

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Corporation Berhad Profit Increased by three fold in Q1 FY2015 26 May 2015 Profit before tax grew RM130.9 mil to RM175.5 million Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff” or “Group”), the largest Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) in Malaysia and South East Asia in terms of total generation capacity, recorded strong growth for its first quarter ended 31 March 2015 (“Q1 FY2015”). PBT registered almost a 300% increase to RM175.5 million, an increase of RM130.9 million from RM44.6 million. At the same time, group revenue increased by 9% to RM1.35 billion from RM1.24 billion in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. In Q1 FY2015, PATMI jumped to RM103.9 million leading to a similar increase in basic EPS at 2.90 sen from RM2.6 million and 0.07 sen respectively in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Malakoff attributed its revenue growth for the quarter under review to the higher capacity registered by its coal-fired 2,100 megawatt (“MW”) Tanjung Bin Power Plant (“TBPP”) and the consolidation of Port Dickson Power (“PDP”) profit pursuant to the completion of the PDP acquisition in 2014. In April 2014, Malakoff had acquired the remaining 75% equity interest in PDP not held by the Group, a move that is expected to enhance its profitability. PBT growth for the quarter was also supported by other factors such as lower finance costs and higher interest income. Dato’ Sri Syed Faisal Albar, Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff, said “Our Q1 performance is reflective of our growth trajectory based on a solid business model and stable cashflow.” “Moving forward, we remain focused on delivering growth that are earnings accretive to Group performance, adding value to our shareholders,” he added. Malakoff declared a single-tier interim dividend of 3 sen per share for the financial year ending 31 December 2015. The Group’s finance costs will also be lower with the redemption of the Unrated Junior Sukuk Musharakah utilising the RM1.8 billion gross proceeds raised from its initial public offering exercise which concluded with its listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad earlier this month. Barring unexpected developments, Malakoff expects better performance for FY2015 against the previous year on the back of higher contribution from TBPP where all three 700MW turbine units are now available at full capacity. The Group’s gas-fired power plants in Lumut and Prai are also expected to continue performing well. In addition, the full year contribution from PDP will further enhance the Group’s profitability. Results Highlights Q1 FY2015 ended 31 March 2015 versus Q1 FY2014 ended 31 March 2014: Profit before tax (“PBT”) of RM175.5 million, up RM130.9 million from RM44.6 million Revenue of RM1.35 billion, up 9% from RM1.24 billion Profit after tax and minority interests (“PATMI”) of RM103.9 million from RM2.6 million Basic earnings per share (“EPS”) increased to 2.90 sen from 0.07 sen Single-tier interim dividend of 3 sen per share for the financial year ending 31 December 2015

  • Ikrar Bebas Rasuah 2017

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Ikrar Bebas Rasuah 2017 19 June 2017

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