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Raja Iskandar Raja Mukhtaruddin

Chief People Officer

Raja Iskandar Raja Mukhtaruddin

Raja Iskandar, a Malaysian, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Management) from California State University, Sacramento, United States of America. He completed the Management Development Programme from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, the Philippines in 2009.

Raja Iskandar joined the Company as the Head of Human Capital Division on 1 February 2021.

He started his career with Mobil Oil Corporation in 1988 as a sales representative under its graduate scheme programme. He later joined Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board from December 1989 until May 1995 as an Assistant Director based in Kuala Lumpur and later at its regional office in London, United Kingdom where he was responsible for marketing Malaysia as a tourist destination in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Raja Iskandar left MTPB to pursue a new career in Gas Malaysia as an Assistant Manager, Residential & Commercial Sales in August 1997, and later served in various capacities within the company’s marketing function, including as Industrial Sales Manager where he successfully opened the northern peninsular natural gas distribution market.

In 2007, he was promoted to lead the Human Resource (“HR”) function where in 2008 and 2011, he conducted remuneration benchmarking and job evaluation exercises respectively that led to jobs being internally equitable and externally at par. He was further promoted in 2013 as General Manager, Human Resource and Administration where he later reorganised the company’s structure as the company prepared to enter the market liberalisation era.

Subsequently in 2020, he was made Director of Human Resource and Administration, during the Government’s eventual push for the liberalisation of Malaysia’s natural gas industry which led to the implementation of the Third-Party Access regime. He was again tasked with the reorganisation of Gas Malaysia Berhad’s structure which, upon approval from the Energy Commission (“EC”), led to the successful formation of Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn. Bhd. and Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn. Bhd.. The work included the re-deployment of over 500 employees into various companies within Gas Malaysia Group.

Raja Iskandar continues to work closely with the HR fraternities both within the MMC Group as well as externally, leveraging on the Group’s common interest in Talent Management and Succession Planning as well as other HR initiatives.

Raja Iskandar is currently a Fellow at the Malaysian Institute of Management and has also been appointed as the External Advisory Member at Sunway University’s Business School. He was previously appointed by the Minister of Human Resources as a Panel Member of the Malaysian Industrial Court from 2013 until 2015.

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