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A Glittering Raya Celebration at Malakoff HQ

3 July 2018

On 4 July 2018, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) organised Meriahnya Syawal for Malakoff staff, at Malakoff Academy of Excellence (MAX) in KLHQ.

The event was graced by Datuk Haji Hasni Harun, Chairman of Malakoff accompanied by other members of the Board of Directors as well as Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali, Malakoff’s Chief Executive Officer along with other members of the Management.

A number of inter-level competitions were held in conjunction with the event, namely Best Floor Décor, Hari Raya Best Dressed, Hari Raya Best Photo, Juadah Istimewa, Group Hari Raya Performance, and Malakoff-KLHQ Idol.

The judging of the competition began with Floor Décor, which took place, pre-event on 3 July 2018. The judges were impressed as they made their way to all 6 levels from level 8 to 12 and to Malakoff Utilities Sdn. Bhd. (MUSB), and were mesmerised by the creativity and decoration, and were entertained by various sketches. Each floor’s representative also explained the concept of their decorations, which were inspired by Hari Raya celebration traditions in various parts of Malaysia.

Although the preparation took place during the fasting month; this did not hinder everyone from decorating their floor to their best abilities in time for the judging.

On the day of the event staff showed up at MAX as early as 11am to register for the Hari Raya Best Dressed competition. Those who signed up dressed to the nines in Malay traditional wear and some even spiced it up by adding their own unique touches to their outfit. The judging of Juadah Istimewa took place shortly after 12pm where the judges went around MAX to see what each competing floor had to offer. A variety of dishes caught the attention of the judges such as Lamb Kuzi, Manok Pansuh, Nasi Kambing Istimewa, Rendang Nasib, Laksa Sarawak, and Laksa Tiga Ikan, all made by the staff themselves.

For the Group Floor Hari Raya Performance, each floor sang, danced and even acted out Raya-themed sketches. The judges took notice of the amount of effort it took for the staff to prepare for the competition, from organising the choreography, finding the props used for the competition, and finally the amount of practice to make sure everything is just right. The performances was a display of the staffs’ hidden talents and added some glitter to the event.

Congratulations to Level 9 for being named as the overall champion at this year’s Meriahnya Syawal, and congratulations to all sporting participants who made this year’s event a huge success!

Winners’ List

Best Dressed

Male: Ashwin Narayanan

Female: Sharifah Syazwani

Juadah Istimewa

1st Place: Level 9, Lamb Kuzi

2nd Place: Level 11, Manok Pansuh

3rd Place: Level 10, Nasi Kambing Istimewa

Best Floor Décor

1st Place: Level 12

2nd Place: Level 8

3rd Place: Level 9

Group Floor Performance

1st Place: Level 9

2nd Place: Level 11

3rd Place: Level 12

Malakoff-KLHQ Idol

1st Place: Dewi & Firdaus

2nd Place: Lidya Azrina Haris

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