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Celebrating the 100th freight

28 July 2008

The morning was greeted by blue sky strewn with white clouds that looked like streamers on a beautiful sunny day. Committee members were rehearsing for the memorable event and making last minute changes to the setting. The smell of durians wafted around the white “big top”-like tents.

They were all in order to celebrate Tanjung Bin Power Plant(TBPP)’s commemoration of the 100th coal shipment to the plant yesterday. The celebration marked one of the major milestones for the plant as it is seen as an achievement for TBPP despite the many teething problems they had encountered at the beginning of its operations.

100 is a mark of a century, and this 100th shipment is a symbol of significant achievement for the plant, that they have been through thick and thin together and even after the 100th mark, they are still going strong and with God’s grace, will be able to operate for more years to come.

Durians served at the lunch

Since their first coal shipment approximately two and half years ago, where they took more than 48 hours to unload coal from the ship, now it takes them on average 36 hours to do so.

Coal unloading jetty at TBPP

TBPP also has their own coal unloading jetty to unload coal from ship to coal yard. The jetty has been accorded the Private Jetty License by Kastam Diraja Malaysia and duly issued with a Jetty Operating License by Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor, and it also complied with the International Code for the Security of Port and Ships Facilities (ISPS Code) as certified by Marine Department of Malaysia.

To our esteemed colleagues at TBPP, congratulations on this great achievement and we pray that TBPP will enjoy more successes in its operations in the future.

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