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Friendly Football and Netball Matches Between Malakoff and TNB Evoke the Spirit of Sportsmanship

10 December 2015

Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) has successfully organised football and netball friendly matches between Malakoff KL HQ and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) on 4th December 2015 at Padang Kelab Kilat, TNB Bangsar.

The friendly matches were held as part of our regulatory programme to strengthen the good relationship between Malakoff and TNB and to catch-up with them in a more relaxed environment. A total of 60 players from Malakoff and TNB took part in the games that kicked off at 6.00pm. Players didn’t waste time to battle it out and showed great sportsmanship to win their matches.

Time’s up and TNB proved to be the better opponent at netball by scoring 22-11 against Malakoff. However, both teams were equally matched at football as they drew at 2-2.

Congratulations to all and thank you to TNB for welcoming Malakoff at their home ground and for making time for this friendly meet-up.

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