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Malakoff Launched 5S Initiative In All Plants And HQ

26 March 2019

The implementation of the 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) initiative which commenced last year, was officially launched this year starting with Lumut Power Plant (LPP) and Prai Power Plant (PPP) on 6 and 7 March respectively, followed by Tanjung Bin Energy (TBE) on 20 March, Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP) on 21 March and finally, at Malakoff HQ on 27 March.

The officiation at the Malakoff HQ launch was formalised with the handover of 5S posters by Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Stakeholder Management Division, En. Yusop Abdul Rashid to Pn. Jamaliah Wan Chik, Head of Human Capital Division.

Initiated by Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff, Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali and managed by the Business Process Improvement Department (BPI), 5S is now set in full-gear after the first three stages were successfully put in motion at all plants and Malakoff HQ last year where unnecessary items were carefully identified and organised, while machineries were kept polished to help prevent downtime before advancing into the 4th stage, Standardize.

“Based on the training and awareness programmes we’ve provided to the staff since the commencement of this initiative, we trust that the first three stages have been fully deployed and adhered, and now it is time for all of us to make a conscious effort to continuously improve the first 3S and upkeep its standard”, said En. Mohd Norazam Shah Md Anoorhak, Manager of BPI and facilitator during the launch at Malakoff HQ.

Among the activities conducted last year were a classroom and presentation training by SIRIM to staff to instil awareness and emphasise the importance of eliminating unused items and keeping a clean working environment, and an on-site audit training to further equip and prepare staff of the actual event.

This implementation is meant to establish and continuously apply a safe, clean and conducive workspace in the company, encourage activity towards creating green environment through the cultivation of Green Practices (3R – reduce, reuse, recycle) and to train and motivate staff in enhancing their discipline, moral and good work etiquette as part of their working culture. It also serves as a practice ground for staff of all levels to ensure that when a crisis occurs, the problem is swiftly identified for the designated teams to react accordingly in a timely manner.

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