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Malakoff Steps Up Turtle Conservation Efforts

11 September 2013

Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) in collaboration with the Fisheries Department, today released a turtle outfitted with satellite tracking device at the Company’s annual “Kenali Penyu, Sayangi Penyu” Turtle Awareness and Educational Programme at Segari Turtle Management Centre (TMC).

Organised for the third consecutive year, Malakoff’s “Kenali Penyu, Sayangi Penyu” Programme is aimed at increasing the awareness among the public on the threats to turtles. The event brought together 80 volunteers from Malakoff and the Fisheries Department as well as 30 students from its adopted schools around the local communities who actively participated in a host of activities. In addition, Malakoff also contributed RM10,000 to the Fisheries Department for TMC’s maintenance.

Speaking at the event, Abdul Rahman Hussin, Plant Manager of Malakoff’s Lumut Power Plant said, “At Malakoff, we are cognisant of our role and responsibility to protect the rich ecological biodiversity especially in the areas where we operate. The ‘Kenali Penyu, Sayangi Penyu’ Programme is one of our annual projects to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

“With Malakoff’s strong partnership with the Fisheries Department and the local communities, we have been able to successfully increase awareness amongst our local communities and the younger generation on the plight of the turtles and encourage them to be actively involved in conservation efforts to further safeguard the species,” he added.

To facilitate an interactive learning experience for the participants, Malakoff organised colouring contents and quizzes for the students from Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Segari, SJK (C) Pei Min as well as SJK Tamil Ladang Huntly. Furthermore, the Fisheries Department guided participants around TMC and conducted a talk on the measures deployed to protect the turtle population from plummeting further.

At the end of the eventful day, students and participants bid farewell to their newly acquainted reptilian friend - a turtle equipped with a satellite tracking device that was released into the sea. The monitoring device sponsored by Malakoff is the first in Perak. As the species spend most of their lives in the sea, data gathered about the turtle’s migratory behaviour would greatly benefit the Fisheries Department’s research and information exchange purposes.

Expressing his concerns over the declining turtle population, Dato’ Ahamad Sabki B. Mahmood, Director-General of the Fisheries Department said, “Not many are aware that the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia including Segari are nesting areas for two species, namely Olive Ridley and the Green turtles. Unfortunately, their numbers have decreased and the call to safeguard these species is more pressing than ever.”

“I am pleased that Malakoff has been supporting our efforts throughout the years. Our partnership has enabled us to accumulate crucial knowledge about the endangered species and offered us experience that can further contribute towards more effective conservation of the turtles,” he added.

Over and above the Turtle Awareness Programme, Malakoff has also been actively championing other environmental efforts amongst the local communities where the Company operates.

Recently, Malakoff organised its third Coral Rehabilitation Project at Pulau Mentinggi, Johor to sustain the restoration of the marine ecosystem around the island. Malakoff also contributed RM60,000 to plant 8,000 mangrove saplings in Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang this year, bringing the total to 44,000 saplings planted in Malaysia since 2011.

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