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Malakoff Wins Prestigious CSR and HR Awards

8 July 2013

Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) recently won three prestigious accolades in recognition for its leadership and commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources (HR). The three awards are the regional level “Green Leadership Award” from the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA), the “Best Employer to Work for in Asia 2013” from the HR Asia and the “Global Excellence in Management Awards for CSR” from the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM).

Speaking about the wins for the Company’s CSR and HR initiatives, Zainal Abidin Jalil, the Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff said, “Malakoff’s strong commitment in both CSR and HR is the reason for the Company’s continued excellence. We ‘walk the talk’ in terms of our commitment to become an employer of choice and we actively engage with our key stakeholders, particularly the local communities where we operate.”

“These awards are dedicated to our people who have demonstrated active involvement in Malakoff’s various corporate, community, environmental as well as sporting initiatives,” he added.

On the CSR front, Malakoff implemented over 20 projects ranging from one-off donations to long-term programmes in the areas of Community & Education, the Environment and Community Sports under its flagship CSR platform – the Malakoff Community Partnerships.

Apart from etching itself as a caring company in Malaysia, Malakoff has also rolled out strategic recruitment and talent development initiatives to mark its brand as an employer of choice. The Company invested over 239 soft-skill training modules and registered over 5,000 training man-day in technical skills last year, with each employee receiving ten working days of training on average – one of the highest in the country.

“For Malakoff, meaningful and sustainable engagement programmes require the collective commitment and active participation from all parties. The high volunteerism spirit amongst Malakoff employees not only illustrates their eagerness to contribute to our CSR, but also helps foster higher job satisfaction and fulfilment amongst the workforce,” explained Zainal.

“I am indeed proud with the support and dedication of Malakoff’s employees in building a corporate culture that is caring and conducive for talent development,” he added.

One notable CSR effort last year was Malakoff’s Project Sunshine in which the Campaign undertook the installation of 5kWp photovoltaic systems at three schools across the nation. The Malakoff Project Sunshine initiative aims to provide a hands-on educational platform for students to develop an appreciation for renewable energy. The first phase of the project was completed by mid-2012 and has thus far generated 18,885 kWh of green electricity, avoiding emissions of 13,030 kg.

Malakoff’s initiatives have also been honoured by many government agencies and organisations throughout the years. Some of the key awards are the Prime Minister’s CSR Award 2010 for the Environment category, Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 in the Social Empowerment category and Anugerah Penyayang Johor 2011 in the Private Organizations category.

“As we strongly believe that the Company’s success in the long run is defined and influenced by our strong relationship with our stakeholders, CSR and HR will continue to be the core of our partnership with our people and communities,” concluded Zainal.

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