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TJSB Participated in Powergen Asia Conference and Exhibition 2008

17 November 2008

Powergen Asia Conference and Exhibition 2008 was one of the biggest and most awaited event in Asia for players from the power generation and transmission and distribution industries. Set with the theme “Developing The Asian Market Through An Optimal Energy Mix” the event was seen as a platform for international power executives to meet under one roof and receive vital information first hand.

This was a good opportunity for Malakoff / TJSB to market their services, from project development, providing O&M services to O&M-related services, i.e. technical and simulator trainings and their latest product being the EALIS, a life-cycle asset management system for plants.

This was the third exhibition of its kind that has seen participation from Malakoff / TJSB. The first time was in Hong Kong in 2006 where TJSB was honoured to introduce itself and Malakoff to the world and the second participation was held in Bangkok where TJSB continued to promote its capabilities in power and water plant operation and maintenance and its training facilities.

The exhibition was certainly a good place to mark Malakoff / TJSB’s name in the international O&M market and at the same time, provided Malakoff with extra mileage in terms of branding. Approximately 10 personnel from TJSB participated to entertain around 300 visitors to the booth. With TJSB focusing on businesses outside of the country, this exhibition was seen as a vehicle for them to show what they are capable of and its recent dealing in the water and power business is seen as an added edge especially for business opportunities in the Middle East.

The decision to build the Simulator building for training purposes was definitely a wise decision by the management as it is seen as a top selling point for TJSB’s training program which covers classroom and on-job training (OJT) with subjects ranging from fundamental and advanced plant operation and maintenance courses for power and water.

Their latest product, EALIS, which acts as a mini-Google of the plant, houses important information on piping and instruments at the plant. It serves as a part of life-cycle asset management system and is currently running at Tg Bin Power Plant (TBPP).

A proud moment for TJSB was when two papers were presented at the conference by its staff - Sarah Fasya’s presentation titled “Experience With Implementation And Usage Of A Thermodynamic Performance Monitoring Methodology at Prai Power Plant” and En Rosli Abdul Hamid presented a paper on “Managing Asset Information - The New O&M Perspective” (both presentation slides can be found below)

Overall, TJSB’s participation in the exhibition was deemed a success as once again it consistently carried the Malakoff brand in the industry and managed to make new contacts with those in the industry who may become its potential clients in the future.

Through the networking made with the visitors during the exhibition, TJSB hopes to open up more joint-venture and project development opportunities overseas especially in developing countries in the Middle East and South East Asia region.

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