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Enhancing the quality of life and empowering the communities where we operate

Sustainability Statement 2016

Malakoff Annual Report 2016 - Sustainability Statement


Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff” or “the Group”) has grown progressively over the years and is today a leading regional independent power and water producer with operations in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Algeria, Oman and Australia. As we set about our daily business of helping shape economies, society and businesses through our diverse offerings, we acknowledge the need to create long-term shared value for our stakeholders and to secure the future of the Group. In line with this, we are committed to upholding responsible management and sustainable development on the Economic, Environmental and Social fronts.

Today, the businesses within Malakoff continue to work together, leveraging on common synergies and resources to integrate business sustainability into their respective organisations. By embedding sustainable progress throughout the Group, we are providing the momentum for our businesses to strengthen their operational efficiencies and deliver long-term growth.

For the full Sustainability Statement as published in the Malakoff Annual Report 2016, kindly follow the button below:

Malakoff Annual Report 2016 - Sustainability Statement

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