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Enhancing the quality of life and empowering the communities where we operate

Sustainability Statement 2021

Malakoff Integrated Annual Report 2021 - Sustainability Statement

Environmental management plays an important role in the business management and operations of Malakoff, as it enables us to identify and mitigate the Group’s business impact on the environment and the health and well-being of our communities.

We recognise our responsibility in leading the corporate community in preserving the environment and conserving natural resources while reducing carbon emissions to contribute to a low-carbon future. Lack of environmental management in our operations will affect our biodiversity and ecological system, ultimately threatening our future generations. Our environmental management is anchored on three pillars, which guide us on our path to a more sustainable and greener future.

To ensure we adopt and employ best industry practices, we subscribe to ISO 14001:2015 certification and remain guided by our robust Environmental Policy, which was established in 2014. The Policy has been reviewed and updated regularly, in line with changes in the standards and regulatory requirements. The Policy outlines our commitment to environmental protection by minimising our environmental impact, preventing pollution, reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting the recycling of waste. It also sets out our commitment to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, apart from incorporating environmental management principles into corporate planning, strategy and implementation.

Malakoff Integrated Annual Report 2021 - Sustainability Statement

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