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Sustainability Statement 2022

Malakoff Integrated Annual Report 2022 - Sustainability Statement

Sustainability at Malakoff is overseen by our Board of Directors, which has the ultimate responsibility for our corporate governance and stakeholder value creation. The Board is supported by a Sustainability Department which reports to Management and the Board.

To further strengthen our sustainability governance, in 2022, we developed the Terms of Reference (“TOR”) for a soon-to-be-established Management Sustainability Committee (“MSC”). The MSC will guide the development of the Group’s sustainability strategy and direction, ensuring these are in line with our corporate vision, goals and values. It will also provide leadership and set the tone from the top, on the development of a sustainability culture across the Group.

We believe that to obtain optimal Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) results, everyone at Malakoff must understand the importance of sustainability and contribute to our corporate goals. Towards this end, we have embarked on roadshows which was extended to Q1 of 2023 to engage all senior management, Heads of Departments and key operations personnel in Malakoff to share our sustainability journey.

Malakoff Integrated Annual Report 2022 - Sustainability Statement

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