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  • Ceramah Perdana KLHQ 2019 - Ustaz Harryanto Rizal Rokman

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Ceramah Perdana KLHQ 2019 - Ustaz Harryanto Rizal Rokman 4 November 2019

  • Long Term Service Awards 2019

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Long Term Service Awards 2019 23 June 2019

  • Cultivating the Spirit of Giving in the Holy Month of Ramadan – Malakoff Donates to B40 Students from UniKL

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Cultivating the Spirit of Giving in the Holy Month of Ramadan – Malakoff Donates to B40 Students from UniKL 29 April 2021 In conjunction with the ‘Ziarah Ramadhan’ programme organised by Pusat Pungutan Zakat Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (“PPZ-MAIWP”) held on 30 April 2021 at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (“UniKL”), Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) had donated RM20,000 to 200 UniKL students from its ‘Wakalah Zakat’ fund as part of Malakoff’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiative. This initiative is aimed at providing some relief to the students and their families in preparation for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration. It also coincides with the #SyukurNikmatBersama Ramadhan theme by PPZ-MAWIP for this year, which is to further strengthen the relationship between ‘Zakat’ contributors and the ‘Zakat’ recipients that mainly fall under the B40 category. The event was attended by the Acting Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of PPZ-MAIWP, Tuan Haji Abdul Hakim Amir Osman, CEO of UniKL, Prof. Dr. Shahrulniza Musa, Managing Director of Darussalam Group of Companies, Dato’ Mohamed Nizamuddin, Senior Manager of Malakoff’s Stakeholder Management, Tuan Hj. Md Yuha Ismail, and Manager of Baitumal MAIWP, Encik Ahmad Tarmizi Yahaya. All 200 B40 students were handed over ’duit raya’, accompanied with a variety of Raya cookies for them to bring home. The event ended with ‘Buka Puasa’ that saw a scrumptious spread of traditional Malay delicacies, simultaneously bringing a whiff of the first day of Raya into the atmosphere. “We are honoured and grateful to be given yet another opportunity to work with Malakoff in materialising our intention to ease the burden of these students. Aidilfitri is a joyous occasion, but we are quick to forget about those who are less fortunate than us”, said Tuan Haji Abdul Hakim. “During challenging times like these, we should show empathy and care for those who are struggling to even provide the basic needs such as clean clothes and food for themselves. I hope this initiative will continue on as even the smallest contribution will leave a huge impact in these students’ lives and morale”. Malakoff’s CSR activities continue to be a cornerstone of its foundation for sustainable development, as we work closely with local authorities such as PPZ MAIWP to ensure that their needs and well-being are taken care of.

  • Malakoff Power Plant Celebrate Health and Safety Day

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Power Plant Celebrate Health and Safety Day 3 December 2015 Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) wrapped up inter-site Safety Week celebrations with a finale held at Prai Power Plant (“PPP”) on 26 November 2015. The inter-site celebrations involved more than 500 employees from Port Dickson Power Plant (“PDPP”), Lumut Power Plant (“LPP”), Tanjung Bin Power Plant (“TBPP”), Tanjung Bin Energy (“T4”), PPP, and representatives from local authorities. The Safety Campaign was organised to reinforce Company’s commitment and dedication towards the importance of safety, health and environment at the workplace. This year, the operations and maintenance arm of Malakoff, Malakoff Power Berhad (“Malakoff Power”) has chosen “Safety Starts With You and Me” as its theme. This theme is fitting with the Company’s mission to instill health and safety culture at the workplace. Speaking on the company-wide celebration, En. Nordin Kasim, Senior Vice President, Operation & Maintenance Division of Malakoff said, “Health and safety awareness is done throughout the year as we take the wellbeing of our men very seriously. “We are proud to note that TBPP and PPP achieved 5 million and 3.7 million without lost time injury respectively. Safety Week serves as an enhanced platform for Occupational Safety and Health to share, update and horned everybody’s knowledge and skills to meet the dynamic changes in our working environment. This effective Occupational Management System will contribute towards achieving a total safety culture at our industry.” In conjunction with the Safety Week, a programme called “Take 2 Programme” was launched by En. Nordin Kasim. “Take 2 programme” is a campaign for all staff to take 2 minutes of their time to identify risks and working hazard at the working area. Various activities were conducted throughout the Safety Week such as spot the hazard contest, HSSE quiz, Emergency Response Team (ERT) fire-fighting competition and Emergency Response and Rescue Drill and exhibition booths. At each plant, different drills were conducted such as First Aid Rescue in Lumut Power Plant (LPP), Fire Drill Rescue in Port Dickson Power Plant (PDPP), Oil Spill Simulation in Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP) and Confine Space Rescue in Prai Power Plant (PPP). TBPP’s simulation of Oil Spill incident called “Ex-Tumpah” was also successfully conducted. This simulation is a platform to test and evaluate the TBPP Emergency Response Team (ERT) skills and response during emergency situation at plant, in collaboration with their counterparts in ATT Tanjung Bin (ATB) and Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP). Lumut Power Plant also organised its Safety Week at the plant to encourage good health and safety culture amongst staff. At its recently held Safety Week, approximately 200 staff and in-house contractors took part in the activities such as Emergency Response & Rescue Competition, Spot the Hazard Contest, Blood Donation and Explorace. A final Fire Fighting Competition was held at the Safety Week finale where 5 ERT teams from KL HQ, PDPP, LPP, TBPP and PPP went head-to-head against each other to record the fastest time and avoid penalties during the safety drill where Prai Power Plant was crowned the champion title for 2015.

  • Charitable Success - The Story of 5th Annual Malakoff Charity Ride

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Charitable Success - The Story of 5th Annual Malakoff Charity Ride 20 June 2010 530km. Everyday is a little more than a century (a century is 100 miles or 160km, in cycling term) and coupled with the windy coastal roads from Kota Bharu to Kuala Terengganu and rolling route from Kuala Terengganu to Tanah Merah, many of us had doubts on how we were going to survive the 3-day ride. It’s a difficult feat to complete and it took us a lot of courage to finish the ride, but all through the ride, in my head, I kept on thinking that whatever that we had to face within these 3 days were nothing compared to the hardship that these unfortunate people had to go through everyday. I am grateful to God that I had this opportunity to meet them and together with the 116-odd cyclists, we managed to brighten up their lives with the donations that we had collected. We pushed off from our starting point at Sutera Inn, Kota Bharu, Kelantan at 7am after a simple doa recital for our safe journey to our destinations. The morning breeze felt cool on our skin but don’t thank the weather just yet, for the weather forecast stated that it would be a scorching 3-day ride and we should put a generous amount of sunblock on the skin. The ‘train’ was moving at 28km/h, just nice for a morning warm-up and to prepare the legs for the 170km beach route that day. The route was flat as pancake but the strong coastal wind was the real challenge. First stop was at Kuala Besut and the cyclists were served with fresh young coconut juice while the strong breeze from the sea dried the sweats on our bodies. The view was terrific, with blue sea and clear blue sky with scattered puffs of clouds and coconut trees swaying to the tune of the breeze. I could do with some lying-on-the-beach right now! After refilling our water bottles and refueling with enough bananas to last another 2 hours’ ride, we continued our journey to our lunch and solat Jumaat break at Penarek. Everything was going fine until kilometer 88, when I heard a loud pop and then noises like bicycles hitting the tarmac. The leader slowed down and brought the pack to a halt on the roadside. 200 meters away we could see bicycles and people on the ground but we couldn’t quit make out who was involved in the crash. Sharef came to where we were standing with our bikes and said, “AJ’s injured in the crash!” A few of us cycled back to the crash site to see what’s going on. I wanted to follow suit but by then, there were a lot of cars on the road as the marshals have allowed the cars to overtake the convoy, making it difficult and dangerous to cycle back to see the commotion. Somehow, En Ahmad Jauhari felt unconscious on his bike and landed on the tarmac. Some cyclists were unable to avoid him and his bike and crashed on the tarmac, too. The ambulance and medics rushed to the site and tended to those involved. They put En Ahmad Jauhari on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance. A few minutes later, he regained his conscious in the ambulance. Luckily his injuries were not critical, only some road rash on his face, arms and legs. The lunch break at Penarek was a good time for a few cyclists to get some shut eye before continuing another 60km later. The wind has already picked up speed and the peloton couldn’t afford to break. Any breaks between the riders would let the wind through and force the riders to cycle harder to fight the headwind and side wind. The sun showed no mercy on us, too. The peloton was going at 28km/h and soon, we entered the town of Kuala Terengganu. The riders were eager to finish the ride and picked up speed to arrive sooner to our abode for the night. Suddenly, a clanging noise was heard and there was a void in the middle of the peloton. Another crash had happened at only 2 kilometers more to go. Someone had dropped his bottle and probably while trying to avoid hitting the bottle, some cyclists swerved and hit the others’ back wheels, thus causing the crash. Ah, not again. Luckily no one was seriously injured and able to continue the remaining 2 km to finally arrive at Sumai Apartments in Kuala Terengganu. A dinner followed by mock cheque presentation to charity homes was held that night. Representatives from charity homes were present to accept the cheque, followed by a photo opportunity with the cyclists. It was an honour to be able to cycle to meet the unfortunate people and give them some contribution to help with their day-to-day expenses and I bet this feel-good factor was also felt by the cyclists who were there that day. Second day was the daunting 190km rolling route, dubbed “Rolling Day”. And it was indeed a rolling rollercoaster ride. The inclines were long and the downhill was swift. I tried to be in the front pack to avoid being left behind. En Ahmad Jauhari has recuperated and was ready to lead the pack with Saiful that morning. His road rash was prominent on his right cheek but there was nothing that this steely MD/CEO can’t handle. The first stop quickly followed and we were served the local kuihs that were quickly taken up by the hungry cyclists. Me? I just stick to 4 bananas and plenty of water and isotonic. I didn’t dare to take the kuihs as I was afraid that it will upset my tummy, and that would be the end of my ride that day. The rolling route took its toll on a lot of cyclists. Coupled with the merciless sun, many decided that enough was enough after the lunch stop. Looking at the feedback from cyclists and the weather that day, we were thankful that they have decided to remove a 20km de tour that would have led us to a 750m climb and climbing at 2pm in the hot sun for some people might mean pushing the bike up the climb instead of pedaling the bike to the top! Haha! At 4pm, we finally arrived at our next destination – Tanah Merah. The cyclists were taken to their respective accommodations as there were limited places to stay in Tanah Merah and the accommodations were scattered around town. The route was flat and took us through the villages with narrow roads. Herds of cows were everywhere and we had to slow down whenever we saw them as any element of surprise will shock the cows and they might go havoc and run into us. I heard the marshals said over the walkie-talkie, “Be careful, elephants in front. And also a lot of landmines on the road.” In my mind, I thought, “WHAT? You’re not supposed to take us to a dangerous place with landmines! We might get killed!” And then it clicked, hey, the landmine is the marshal’s way of telling that there are cow dungs on the road! Haha, silly me! After lunch, as the day got hotter, so did the pace of the peloton. Everyone was eager to finish fast and in the excitement to complete the final day, the leaders pulled the pack a little bit too fast. My meter said 28, then 30, then 33km/h! I was huffing and puffing like mad. That’s it. I gotta put an end to this madness. “Hey, slow down, tak larat!” Saiful the leader responded by slowing down the pace. Thank god! We had a long stop at Esso, somewhere near to Kota Bharu. A few cyclists went into the kiosk to sit in the air-conditioned room. Rozaimi the marshal lied down on the floor in the kiosk to have some shut eye before continuing his task of clearing the road for our journey. Some cyclists were seen taking the water hose and drenching themselves to recover from the merciless heat. Another 40-plus kilos to go, I told myself. We took off again in high spirits, knowing that the end is near. We were told that the final kilometers were going to be split into two 20km. By my calculation, this would be about almost 1 hour of riding each. My meter showed 20km has passed, but the stop was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Shahril, in the Prado, showed a red flag, that was a signal for sprint zone. As soon as the flag was dropped, the cyclists sprinted against each other along the long stretch on road. Well, actually, he wasn’t signaling a sprint zone but only to tell that the road in front was a little bumpy and beware of potholes! I peeked to see if there was Yusof in the middle of the road with his yellow flag to show us to our feeding station but he was nowhere to be seen. Ah, we were duped! Actually there weren’t any sprint zones and the sudden spur of energy was wasted just like that. The ride continued for another 10km and many of us were holding on to our dear lives. Hot, tired but what I can’t stand most of all was the anticipation of where the next stop would be! Ah, the suspense! We finally arrived to our last regroup at a police station before entering Kota Bharu town. Another 12km to go. A measly 12km that would be easy peasy if we were riding at 8 in the morning. After 100-plus km, coupled with the hot sun and tired and aching body, 12km of riding was not funny anymore. So they decided to let everyone have enough rest and drinks before continuing the final leg. The final 12km was done at 20km/h. I knew Saiful wanted to lead the pack at least 25km/h but Shahril’s marshal car would not allow it. The finish was done in style and the camaraderie was amazing. We waved, we made noise, we joked, we sprayed 100 Plus at each other. The locals must have thought that we were crazy but we didn’t give a hoot. At last, Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived at Sutera Inn in high spirits. There were smiles on everyone’s faces, especially the riders, who went through 530km of pain in the last 3 days. That was the end of the 5th Annual Malakoff Charity Ride. An event that has thought us the meaning of pain and perseverance, friendship, and the importance of adequate mental and physical preparation. It was a time of reflection for some, a moment to remember those who are less fortunate than us, and to appreciate what we have given in life. This year, we managed to collect RM152,500 and the donation was distributed to 9 beneficiaries: Kelantan 1) The National Autism Society Malaysia (NASOM) 2) Pusat Rawatan Dialisis Yayasan Buah Pinggang Kebangsaan Malaysia (NKF) 3) Madrasah Tahfiz Darul Islah 4) Baitul Taubah 5) Pusat Jagaan Harian Warga Emas Kemumin 6) Majlis Pemulihan Negeri Kelantan Terengganu 7) Persatuan Sindrom Down Terengganu 8) Pusat Rawatan Dialisis Islah 9) Pusat Tahfiz Ribath Pulau Manis May God bless those who have come forward with donations for this worthy cause which is a unique marriage of community service and sports that has entered its 5th year: Rangkai Positif Allianze General Insurance CIMB group Sterling Insurance Alstom Power Bank Rakyat Gas Malaysia Global E-Technic GP Mech Engineering Ranhill Powertron Anonymous Donors ESB MTO Acomech Engineering Integrated Services Lafarge Malaysian Cement Sime Darby Energy (PDP) Port of Tanjung Pelepas Technofit Al-Rajhi Bank Algotech Frudenberg Fitration Technologies KG MCIE Mitsui & Co (Asia Pasific) Sumi-Power Malaysia TOS Energy Bank Muamalat Fichtner GmbH & Co KG Tyden Engineering Alpha Maxtech Engineering Aras Marine Services Landak International Services Mozzaz Venture Nur Afar Perkhidmatan Kren Chew Petronas Gas Segaritec Enterprise Tenaga Tiub Wai Soon Engineering & Construction Works Insastech JIS Electrical & Engineering

  • Shajaratuddur Ibrahim

    Back Shajaratuddur Ibrahim Head, Business Development (Domestic) Department Shajaratuddur, a Malaysian, holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He started his career with TNB in September 1997, as a legal executive, handling projects and business development matters. During his 16-year tenure in TNB, he was instrumental in various key projects and ventures, including TNB’s tariff reviews and PPA renegotiation exercises, privatisation of Lembaga Letrik Sabah, divestments of TNB’s local power plants and coal mine in Indonesia. His last position in TNB was as a General Manager in the President’s/CEO’s Office, before leaving for the role of Senior Vice President of Investment at Khazanah Nasional in February 2010, to oversee the power sector and Iskandar Development Region. He joined Malakoff in October 2012, as an Assistant Vice President of Special Projects. Since joining Malakoff, he had led a number of corporate and investment exercises leading to the successful bid for PD Power’s extension of PPA concession, acquisition of interest in a large scale solar project in Johor, winning bids for the development of two small hydro power projects in Pahang with total capacity of 55 MW and a 2.4 MW biogas project in Johor. The most recent corporate exercise that he has steered is the completion of the acquisition of 97.37% equity interest in Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. from DRB-HICOM Group. He is one of the key team members in formulating the current Malakoff’s investment policy and strategic plan. In his capacity and current role as the Head of Business Development Department in Malakoff, he will continue to explore and pursue potential investments or growth opportunities for the company, locally and internationally.

  • Second Malakoff Energy Expert Series Showcases Successful Renewable Energy Initiatives

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Second Malakoff Energy Expert Series Showcases Successful Renewable Energy Initiatives 28 June 2010 Malakoff Corporation Berhad today hosted the second Malakoff Community Partnerships Energy Expert Series focussing on successful sustainable case studies on Renewable Energy (RE) in Australia and Thailand. The lecture series featured keynote speakers, Daniel Ruoss, Managing Director of Envision Solar Energy Solutions and Dr Wuthipong Suponthana, Managing Director of Leonics Co Ltd who are renowned experts in RE. A key highlight of this Energy Expert Series was an expert panel discussion chaired by Puan Badriyah Hj Abd Malek, Under Secretary for Sustainable Energy at the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (Ministry). She also highlighted some of the key initiatives Malaysia is planning for RE under the 10th Malaysian Plan. The Energy Expert Series is a key component of Malakoff’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Platform - the Malakoff Community Partnerships. The lecture series serves as a platform for Malaysian policy makers and industry players to proactively engage with global experts on topics relevant to the country’s energy sector. Speaking at the opening, Malakoff Corporation Berhad Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali said, “The Energy Expert Series is a part of Malakoff’s continuous commitment to promote the development and exchange of knowledge in the area of sustainable energy in line with the Government’s 10th Malaysian Plan.” “Moreover, Renewable Energy is not merely a socially-responsible thing for Malakoff, but also a business opportunity for us as a leader in the energy sector. Malakoff has identified RE as a growth opportunity for us, not only in more advanced markets but even for countries in this region such as Malaysia,” added Tan Sri Halim. Tan Sri Halim explained that under the Malakoff Community Partnerships, the Company has also undertaken on-the-ground initiatives such as the Mangrove Rehabilitation Initiative, the Ikan Siakap Initiative and tie-ups with local universities to play its part in driving conservation efforts around the communities where Malakoff’s operations are based. Furthermore, through The Association of Independent Power Producers, Penjanabebas, and in partnership with the Ministry, Malakoff is currently rolling-out the Green Schools Campaign, sponsoring the installation of a five kilowatt-peak (kWp) BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) system in each of the five identified schools across Malaysia. During the talk, Daniel Ruoss explained that in order to promote clean energy, the Australian Government has initiated the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE). Elaborating on the role of ACRE, Ruoss said, “The objective of ACRE is to promote the development, commercialisation and deployment of RE as well as enabling technologies to improve their competitiveness in Australia.” Ruoss delineated that the electricity generation from renewable sources in Australia has increased from 6.9% in 2008 to 16% in 2009. Over and above this, the country currently enjoys 10.75GW (Giga Watts) of RE installed power capacity as compared to 8.5GW in 2001. “Through the last decade, the country’s focus on RE put it in a strong position to play host to the World Solar Challenge as well as the PV Centre of Excellence,” he added. Closer to home, in Malaysia, the implementation of the National Energy Policy is expected to achieve RM70billion RE business revenue by 2020.The production of RE would lead to greater green collar jobs opportunities and achieve the objective of the new economic policy by stimulating local manufacturing.

  • Malakoff Organises Friendly Bowling Tournament with NRECC

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Organises Friendly Bowling Tournament with NRECC 27 October 2023 On 27 October 2023, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) held its annual friendly bowling tournament with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources ("NRECC") at Wangsa Bowl, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. Aimed at promoting ‘silaturrahim’ between Malakoff and its stakeholders, the event saw the attendance of the Deputy Secretary General of NRECC Yang Berbahagia (“YBhg.”) Dato’ Mohamad Razif bin Haji Abd Mubin and Malakoff’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (“MD/CEO”) Encik Anwar Syahrin bin Abdul Ajib. All 60 participants from both companies gathered in the bowling arena to mingle before the tournament kicked-off. YBhg. Dato’ Mohamad Razif proceeded to make the first throw, signifying the start of this highly anticipated tournament. Following a two-round structure, participants seemed very enthusiastic in showcasing their competitive spirit by constantly gauging their opponents’ scores and strengths, even in the first round. As momentum was building up, the excitement overspilled into the second round where loud cheers and encouragement could be heard by not only the participants, but also the spectators. After two hours of friendly competition, Group 9 comprising Dr. Amran Alias and Dr. Mohamad Hamzi Abdul Azziz from NRECC and, Mazuin Ima Salamat and Muhamad Sharfiz Shafie from Malakoff, emerged as champion for the Group category while Muhamad Sharfiz Shafie and Mazuin Ima Salamat were announced as the winner for the Men and Women category respectively. Subsequently, the event continued with a prize giving ceremony by YBhg. Dato’ Mohamad Razif and Encik Anwar Syahrin to all winners followed by a photo session. This initiative is a part of Malakoff's ongoing engagement with its major stakeholders through initiatives that can strengthen our partnership and further the spirit of ‘silaturrahim’ as we work to achieve our common goals and objectives. Additionally, it corresponds with our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 17, which encourages stronger partnerships to support sustainable development and environmental protection. We would like to thank everyone for their amazing display of sportsmanship, and we hope to see you again next time.

  • Malakoff Appoints Alstom As EPC Contractor For Tanjung Bin's 1,000 MW Power Plant Expansion

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Appoints Alstom As EPC Contractor For Tanjung Bin's 1,000 MW Power Plant Expansion 22 February 2012 Coal-fired power plant to be completed in four years Kuala Lumpur, 23 February 2012 – Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tanjung Bin Energy Issuer Bhd signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract today with a consortium led by Alstom, to provide key power generation equipment for the new 1,000 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant, adjacent to Malakoff’s existing facilities at Tanjung Bin, Johor. Under the EPC Contract, TBEI has appointed the EPC Contractor for the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the Project. The construction works are expected to be completed within 48 months from the Notice to Proceed. The contract price for the EPC Contract is approximately RM 5,000,000,000. The new 1,000 MW power plant, which is expected to be completed in 2016, will increase Tanjung Bin’s current generating capacity of 2,100 MW to a total combined capacity of 3,100 MW. Under the EPC, Alstom will lead a consortium that includes Mudajaya and Shin Eversendai, to oversee the engineering, procurement, construction and the commissioning of the 1,000 MW supercritical steam turbine and generator, boiler and plant auxiliaries. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Zainal Abidin Jalil, Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff said, “This signing ceremony today represents another step forward for Malakoff Corporation Berhad in strengthening our position as the leading independent power producer not only in Malaysia, but also within the ASEAN region.” “We are very pleased to inform that the EPC consortium partners have incorporated cutting-edge supercritical technology into the new plant to ensure that we are able to generate electricity at the highest levels of efficiency, while minimizing environmental impact,” he added. The new 1,000 MW power plant project was awarded to Malakoff in June last year following a competitive bidding process, overseen by the Energy Commission of Malaysia. Upon completion, the power plant will make the generating capacity available to the off taker, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement. The operation and maintenance for the new power plant will be provided by Teknik Janakuasa Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malakoff, under a long-term O&M agreement.

  • Friendly Futsal Tournament with KeTTHA, EC and EPU

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Friendly Futsal Tournament with KeTTHA, EC and EPU 15 April 2016 Malakoff organized a friendly futsal tournament on 16 April at Ferro Futsal in Taman Perindustrian Subang, for the fourth year running. The competing teams were Malakoff, Ministry of Energy, Water, and Green Technology (KeTTHA), the Energy Commission (EC), and Economic Planning Unit (EPU). 4 Men and 4 Women teams which comprised of 64 players participated in the friendly round-robin futsal tournament. The games kicked off at 9 am and the players didn’t waste time to battle it out for points from each game. The team with the highest points was named winner for each category. In the Men’s category, Malakoff and EC were equally strong and were very close in terms of points gained from each match. After 3 matches, Malakoff was named the winner of the Men’s category, followed by EC, KeTTHA and EPU. The Women’s teams also played skillfully on the courts and the team from KeTTHA managed to triumph over the others. En Mohd Azizi Che Aziz, a representative from EC who have been liaising with Malakoff for this tournament, was pleased with the organization of the tournament. “What’s important is that everyone enjoyed the tournament and get to meet each other again after one year. The tournament were also well-organized and the participants displayed high spirit of sportsmanship throughout,” he said. Full result Men Champion - Malakoff 1st runner-up - EC 2nd runner up – KeTTHA 3rd runner-up – EPU Women Champion - KeTTHA 1st runner-up - EC 2nd runner up – Malakoff 3rd runner-up – EPU

  • Karnival Sukan Rakyat Mukim Serkat Masuk Tahun Kelima

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Karnival Sukan Rakyat Mukim Serkat Masuk Tahun Kelima 1 December 2017 Pada 2 dan 3 Disember 2017, JKKK Mukim Serkat dan JKKK Kg Chokoh dengan kerjasama Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) telah mengadakan Karnival Sukan Rakyat Mukim Serkat bertempat di Air Pengkalan Kg Chokoh, Pontian, Johor. Karnival tersebut telah dirasmikan oleh wakil rasmi Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (“ADUN”) Kukup, En. Hishamuddin Busri. Karnival sukan rakyat yang telah dianjurkan sejak 2013 ini merupakan salah satu tanggungjawab sosial Malakoff untuk mengeratkan lagi jalinan mesra yang sedia ada di antara Malakoff dan penduduk setempat. Karnival ini juga menjadi salah satu medium untuk Malakoff dan penduduk setempat beramah mesra dalam keadaan santai disamping memupuk budaya saing yang sihat dalam aktiviti yang diadakan. Hampir 1000 orang yang terdiri daripada penduduk Mukim Serkat dan wakil Malakoff telah hadir dan memeriahkan suasana dengan menyertai pelbagai aktiviti sepanjang karnival tersebut berlangsung. Sebanyak 23 acara telah dipertandingkan yang dibahagikan kepada acara berkumpulan dan individu. Pada hari pertama, pertandingan memancing telah dijalankan seawal jam 10 pagi. Semua peserta telah mempraktikkan kemahiran memancing mereka untuk dinobatkan sebagai juara. Acara diteruskan dengan aktiviti sukan kampung iaitu lari dalam guni, timbang bola takraw, tendang bola pening lalat, makan buah epal dan pancing botol. Pada hari kedua, karnival dimeriahkan pula dengan acara sukan air seperti tangkap itik, pukul bantal dan menyelam. Suasana sekitar Kg Chokoh sungguh meriah dengan kehadiran penduduk setempat yang bersorak memberikan semangat kepada peserta. Kanak-kanak yang hadir turut berpeluang mengambil bahagian dalam acara sukaneka yang dipertandingkan seperti isi air dalam botol dan bawa bola pingpong dalam sudu. Mereka merupakan golongan paling teruja dan gembira apabila berkesempatan menyertai pertandingan yang dianjurkan dan dapat mengisi masa lapang mereka di musim cuti sekolah ini. Karnival sukan kali ini juga dilihat dapat mengukuhkan hubungan di antara keluarga apabila mereka berpeluang menyertai acara anyam ketupat dan raut lidi bersama. Acara boling kelapa, baling kelapa dalam gol, pakaian beragam, teka kacang dalam botol dan karaoke turut berlangsung pada hari kedua. Wakil Malakoff, Pengurus Loji Janakuasa Tanjung Bin, En. Hairol Azizi Tajudin gembira dengan sambutan meriah penduduk tempatan kali ini. “Alhamdulillah, sepanjang dua hari karnival ini berlangsung, penduduk tempatan telah turun padang dan bersama-sama menjayakan karnival sukan tahun ini.” “Pendedahan acara sukan kampung melalui aktiviti sebegini merupakan satu usaha murni untuk mengetengahkan sukan tradisional kepada golongan remaja dan kanak-kanak dan mengekalkan warisan budaya lama yang makin ditenggelami arus kebangkitan nilai-nilai moden,” ujar beliau. Sementara itu, Penghulu Mukim Serkat, En. Roslan Bohari berterima kasih di atas sokongan Malakoff bagi penganjuran sukan rakyat kali ini. “Penglibatan pihak Malakoff dalam aktiviti-aktiviti kemasyarakatan Mukim Serkat terutama sekali dalam penganjuran Karnival Sukan Rakyat ini amat kami hargai. Program seperti ini memberi peluang kepada penduduk setempat untuk hadir dan beriadah bersama-sama sebagai satu keluarga besar,” ujar beliau. Karnival tersebut berakhir dengan upacara penyampaian hadiah kepada pemenang-pemenang pertandingan oleh En. Hishamuddin Busri dan wakil Malakoff.

  • Tanjung Bin Power Plant Raya Open House 2008

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Tanjung Bin Power Plant Raya Open House 2008 19 October 2008 Tg. Bin Power Plant (TBPP) was the first to organize a Raya open house this year. What better place to celebrate the occasion other than having it at the plant itself? Although dark clouds that loomed kilometers away in Port of Tanjung Pelepas left the guests anxious as to whether the thick clouds would spoil the celebration, Alhamdulillah the weather was beautiful throughout the day and guests were able to enjoy a sumptuous spread of local Johorean favourites such as nasi beriyani, laksa Johor and burasat, a traditional Bugis delicacy of rice wrapped in banana leaves which is later boiled in water for 8 hours, to name a few. For this year’s celebration, only food from the best sources was selected. Contractors were also encouraged to sponsor food stalls during the do. I managed to have a chat with Station Manager of TBPP, Mr Chew before the event started. He was excited about the open house that day as it was one of the occasions where the plant personnel gets to meet people from around the plant area, bringing them closer to the plant that had came into existence in their community since a few years ago. Detailed preparations were made by the committee to attract the folks from the surrounding areas to join in the celebration. Banners were put up in the villages about TBPP’s Hari Raya open house. As transport was expected to be the deterring factor for them from participating in the event, organizers have chartered buses to ferry these folks to the ‘makan-makan’. 4 buses were chartered and at least each bus made 2 trips to ferry the villagers to the do. They arrived as early as 3pm and the first bus to ferry them back to their respective destinations left every half hour starting from 5pm. Approximately 1, 600 people were expected and in the end an estimated 2000 people turned up for the event. For Mr Chew, this year’s celebration was seen as a success as the food was definitely much better than the previous year’s and they were able to attract more people from the surrounding areas to attend. No formal agenda was fixed on that day as he wanted it to be a casual event where everyone is free to eat and mingle with each other. He also saw this celebration as a means for TBPP to give back to the people, as stakeholders of TBPP, for their support to the plant. A casual chat with one of the guests from the surrounding village showed how much he really appreciated TBPP and Malakoff’s gestures and treatments towards him and his family. For an ‘orang kampung’ who might not have experienced life outside of Johor and probably cannot offer more than he already have to his kids, he’s grateful for TBPP’s Sekolah Angkat program which he sees as a positive exposure for his kid who, together with his Primary Six schoolmates, joined the trip to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. “Baguslah ada loji Tanjung Bin(TBPP) kat sini. Baguslah dia bawak anak pakcik pergi Kuala Lumpur, jalan-jalan. Dengarnya nanti budak-budak tu tinggal kat Dynasty Hotel. Dengar kata, besar hotel tu.” There are so many little things that we take for granted in our lives. Little things that probably did not mean much to us. But it is these little things that can make a big difference for folks like them. TBPP’s ability to make an impact on the community gave a good impression of Malakoff to the people and giving back to the stakeholders is considered as one of its corporate social responsibilities to the community it touched.

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