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  • Jom Sarap Launching 2018

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Jom Sarap Launching 2018 25 March 2018

  • Malakoff Energy Expert Series Explores Ideas to Boost Malaysia's Renewable Energy Sector

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Energy Expert Series Explores Ideas to Boost Malaysia's Renewable Energy Sector 11 November 2010 Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff) today hosted the third Malakoff Community Partnerships Energy Expert Series exploring the enabling effect feed-in tariffs (FiT) are anticipated to have in the creation of a sustainable Renewable Energy (RE) sector in Malaysia. The lecture series featured David Jacobs, a widely recognised expert on International best-practice for the legal and regulatory framework for RE, and co-author of “Powering the Green Economy – the feed-in tariff handbook” and “Feed-in Tariffs: the policy path to 100% renewable”, followed by insights by the second keynote speaker Brian Cox, Executive Officer of the Bioenergy Association of New Zealand, with over 30 years of experience, split equally across public policy, commercial development of energy projects and leading energy based industry associations. Speaking at the opening, Malakoff’s Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali said, “The Energy Expert Series is part of Malakoff’s continuous commitment to promote the development and exchange of knowledge in the area of sustainable energy, in line with the Government’s 10th Malaysia Plan.” “Malakoff firmly believes that investing in the promotion of dialogue on topics relating to Green Energy is an important part of our strategy to change the mindset of the industry, our own people at Malakoff and even our business partners. As a company and an industry leader, we truly believe that Renewable Energy has an important role to play in Malaysia’s energy mix in the medium and longer term,” he added. The Malakoff’s Energy Expert Series also featured an expert panel discussion chaired by Ir Ahmad Hadri Haris, Chief Technical Advisor of the National Malaysian Building Integrated Photovoltaic (MBIPV) Project, a collaborative project between the Government of Malaysia and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). A key component of Malakoff’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Platform - the Malakoff Community Partnerships, the Energy Expert Series serves as a platform for Malaysian policy makers and industry players to proactively engage with global experts on topics relevant to the country’s energy sector. This talk is the third edition of the lecture series. The first two editions featured prominent experts in FiT and RE such as Hans-Josef Fell, Member of the German Bundestag, Dr. Wuthipong Suponthana, the Managing Director of Leonics, Thailand and Daniel Ruoss, the Managing Director of Envision Solar Energy Solutions, Australia. “The recent announcement by the Prime Minister in his Budget 2011 speech of a number of incentives to promote Renewable Energy will provide the catalyst to boost private sector. Moreover, with the upcoming Renewable Energy Act, its associated feed-in tariffs, opportunities to participate in the green revolution should not be considered as limited to industry, as it is equally applicable to any grid connected location across the country,” said Tan Sri Halim. During the talk, Jacobs, a Distinguished Visitor under the Brain Gain Malaysia program by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and currently hosted by the Institute for Energy Policy And Research (IEPRe) at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), clarified about the key support mechanisms utilised internationally to support the growth of the RE sector. Jacobs detailed a comprehensive analysis of the difference in quantity-based support mechanism versus price-based or FiT-based mechanism, which when assessed in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and investment security clearly supports the Government’s decision to adopt the latter. Commending Malaysia’s foresight in articulating a RE policy and plan, Jacobs noted: “Malaysia’s target of producing 5.5 % of total generation capacity from renewable sources by 2015 is truly commendable. The expansion of the sector will not only act to reduce the unit costs of renewable energy to consumers, but importantly the multiplier effect of these investments will offer a broad range of benefits to the Malaysian economy through the reduction in costs for fuel and importantly the avoidance of costs that would otherwise be incurred through environmental damage.” Additionally, Jacobs offered Germany’s experience with RE and FiT as a model where the unit cost for RE from free-standing solar photovoltaic systems had fallen from approximately € 0 .50/kWh in 2000 to € 0 25/kWh today. Further adding the significant positive impact the RE sector in Germany has had, Jacobs highlighted that the sector offered employment to over 300,000 people. Closer to home, in Malaysia, the implementation of the National Energy Model is expected to achieve RM70billion RE business revenue and provide employment opportunities to over 52,000 by 2020.The production of RE would lead to greater green collar jobs opportunities and achieve the objective of the new economic model by stimulating local manufacturing.

  • Fostering Silaturrahim – Malakoff Organised Iftar Sessions with Local Authorities

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Fostering Silaturrahim – Malakoff Organised Iftar Sessions with Local Authorities 8 May 2019 In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadhan, Malakoff Corporation Berhad (“Malakoff”) had organised a series of Iftars with the local authorities of Manjung (Perak), Johor Bharu (Johor), Pontian (Johor) and Prai (Penang) to further strengthen our working relationship with them. Hosted by the Plant Managers of Lumut Power Plant, Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Tanjung Bin Energy Power Plant and Prai Power Plant, all four gatherings were held separately at Horizon Garden Restaurant in Manjung (9 May), Pulai Springs Resort in Johor Bharu (13 May), Restoran Kemangi in Pontian (23 May) and The Light Hotel in Prai (23 May) respectively. In total, 300 guests from 25 relevant agencies at district and state levels attended the event. Among the agencies in attendance were from Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Jabatan Keselamatan Dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (DOSH), Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat (BOMBA), Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM), Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK), Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Jabatan Laut Johor, Badan Kawal Selia Air Negeri Johor, Pejabat Daerah Pontian, Pejabat Tanah Pontian, Majlis Daerah Pontian, Pejabat Daerah Manjung. Commenting on the event, En. Mohamad Shahril bin Salihin, Community Development & Community Affairs officer from Majlis Perbandaran Manjung said, “It’s great to be able to break fast together in a more relaxed setting as it gives us all a chance to mingle and connect with one another on a more personal level.”

  • Ceramah Perdana Isra' Mikraj 2023

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Ceramah Perdana Isra' Mikraj 2023 15 February 2023

  • Raya Open House 2015 - Prai Power Plant

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Raya Open House 2015 - Prai Power Plant 12 August 2015

  • Friendly Bowling with NSTP Group 2016

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Friendly Bowling with NSTP Group 2016 18 November 2016

  • Karnival Sukan Rakyat Mukim Serkat 2016

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Karnival Sukan Rakyat Mukim Serkat 2016 13 December 2016

  • Malakoff Receives Commendation for its CSR Efforts in Pontian

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Malakoff Receives Commendation for its CSR Efforts in Pontian 30 August 2018 In conjunction with the Merdeka Celebration on 31 August 2018, Malakoff Corporation Berhad received an “Anugerah Khas” or Special Award in recognition for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes in Pontian, in particular, in Mukim Serkat where Malakoff has operations. The award was presented by Exco for State Women and Tourism Development, YB Liow Cai Tung who was the “Wakil Rasmi” of Menteri Besar Johor for the said Merdeka celebration. En Mohd Kopli Yunus, the Plant Manager of Tanjung Bin Power Plant, received the Award on Malakoff’s behalf. Also present at the award presentation were YB Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, Pontian Member of Parliament; YB Taqiuddin Che’ Man, Pulai Sebatang State Assemblyman; YB Yeo Tung Siong, Pekan Nanas State Assemblyman; YB Datuk Ir Hasni Mohammad, Benut State Assemblyman; Yang Berusaha Mohd Shukri Mohd. Masbah, Pontian District Officer; Yang Berusaha Nor Syazlan Abd Razak, Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Pontian; Heads and officers of various of departments and agencies in Pontian District. Approximately 10,000 people took part in the celebration. In the citation of the Award, Malakoff was described as a strong supporter of CSR programmes especially for the local community in Mukim Serkat, Pontian.

  • AFES Launches ‘Let’s Recycle With Us!’

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back AFES Launches ‘Let’s Recycle With Us!’ 14 September 2020 Alam Flora Environmental Solutions Sdn Bhd (“AFES”) recently launched its ECO DUTA Programme called ‘Let’s Recycle with Us!’ at Fasiliti Inovasi Kitar Semula (“FIKS”) in Putrajaya. The ceremony, held on 15 September 2020, was officiated by YBhg. Dato’ Haji Mohd Zain Bin Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and En. Nazar Bin Abdul Raof, Chief Operating Officer of AFES. As a show of support, the Director of SWCorp Federal Territory, Tuan Mohd Zahir bin Shari, and Assistant Engineer of Putrajaya Corporation, Puan Siti Huzaila Mohamad Kamal, were also present during the launch. ECO DUTA is a programme developed by AFES as a platform in its continuous efforts towards waste diversion and developing new circular economy entrepreneurs based on sustainability and common prosperity (wealth sharing). It aims to promote 5R activities (Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Recovery) while meeting the Government’s goal of reducing recycling waste sent to landfills, to 40 per cent by 2025. For a start, AFES has appointed 11 sustainable partners as ambassadors, collecting recyclables in the Klang Valley area since July 2020. A total of 11 tonnes of recyclable waste comprising plastic bottles, papers, aluminium cans and even used cooking oil, were collected. AFES is targeting to collect 400 to 500 tonnes of recyclables in 2021. This will include Putrajaya, which currently produces 80 tonnes of waste a day. The plan is to divert at least 40 tonnes of recyclable waste in line with the company’s commitment towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Powerman 2010

    Sharing important news and updates for you and the community Back Powerman 2010 13 November 2010

  • Dr. Norida Abdul Rahman

    Back Dr. Norida Abdul Rahman Independent Non-Executive Director Dr. Norida binti Abdul Rahman, a Malaysian, female, was appointed to the Board of the Company as an Independent Non-Executive Director on 1 August 2022. She is the Chairman of the Board Nomination and Remuneration Committee and also a member of the Board Procurement Committee. Dr. Norida holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Technology Management) from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), obtained MBA (elective Finance) from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of Winnipeg, Canada. She also attended the Executive Leadership Management Program on financial strategy at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. She was the Managing Director of VentureTECH, an investment company with focus in technology sectors, until her retirement in February 2023. Dr. Norida had served as the Board Member in several investee companies including as Chairman of a joint-venture Fund Management private equity company, VentureTECH SBI Sdn Bhd and its Investment Committee accordingly. Dr. Norida has over 25 years of combined experience in investment, industrial development and corporate strategy. She joined the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (“MIGHT”), then under the Prime Minister’s Department, since 1999, holding key senior positions as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and as Executive Director at subsidiary group level. She had spearheaded various high impact national initiatives in strategic sectors including emerging technology and renewables. She was a member of the Board of the Melaka Biotechnology Corporation and Chairman of MYBiomass Sdn Bhd. Prior to joining MIGHT, she was General Manager Corporate at Kulim Technology Park Corporation. She was also a member of the University Malaya Research Advisory Council (UMRAC) and the National Science and Research Council (NSRC) Sub-Committee Task Force. She was also appointed as a member of the Bumiputera Agenda Special Committee related to GLC/GLIC on investment for the National Shared Prosperity Council.

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